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What is the process of creating a concept map? As a starting point, download and use this printable map template or create your own by using this as guide.

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Concept maps are visual tools used to represent ideas and concepts. A hierarchical structure is created by connecting your ideas with cross-links. There is a similarity between concept maps and mind maps, but they are not the same. Topics are the focus of mind mapping.

What is the process of creating a concept map?

Concept maps are easy to draw if you follow these steps:
  • Decide what your main concept will be. After deciding what medium to use, you need to determine the central idea you want to illustrate.
  • Develop a conceptual framework. You need to write down subordinate concepts after selecting the main concept.
  • Draw lines and shapes in an organized manner.
  • Make the map as precise as possible.

A concept map serves what purpose?

Visually conveying concepts, ideas, and information is possible with concept maps. Visualizing concepts, discovering related concepts, and organizing your findings logically and visually help you understand the relationships between various ideas.

In this concept map template, the concept of marketing strategy can be explained to students, clients, and a variety of professionals. Depending on your preferences, you can present just one aspect or all of them. We'd appreciate it if you could give us a thumbs up if you find this template useful. It is very helpful for us to receive your valuable feedback. Take a look at the content we have on our website.

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