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How to organize a Christmas Dinner? What should I put on my Christmas list for Christmas Dinner? Download this Christmas List Excel template now.

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Make Christmas unforgettable for your staff and send them a mindful best wishes message, that makes them appreciate working with you more. Use our Merry Christmas letter template for the finishing touch.

How to organize a Christmas Dinner?

As soon as the month of December, at the end of the year during Christmas and New year, it's tradition to wish each other best wishes and to host memorable Christmas events. We all anticipate the arrival of Christmas and other festivities. 

What should I put on my Christmas list for Christmas Dinner?

Consider the following items, who will arrange it and when it's done, when you organize a Christmas dinner:

  1. Purchase Food, Wine, Champagne
  2. Make Butter Tarts
  3. Bake Cookies
  4. Make Potato Casserole
  5. Make Lentil Loaf (for vegetarian guests)
  6. Clean Brussel Sprouts
  7. Clean / Cut-up Carrots
  8. Check / Clean Plates & Glassware
  9. Clean Silver
  10. Christmas Decorations
  11. Sharpen Knifes
  12. Roast and Shell Chestnuts (Under Broiler for 10 mins)
  13. Iron Tablecloth / Napkins
  14. Pick up House
  15. Set out camera 
  16. Day of Party
  17. Champagne, Grape Juice, Soda, Fruitcake and Dessert Wine into Refrigerator
  18. Make Butter Sauce for Carrots
  19. Make Deviled Eggs
  20. Assemble Cheese Plate(s) (Cheese Tags)
  21. Roast out of Oven to Sit (11 am)
  22. Cut-up Strawberries for Champagne
  23. Set-up Appetizer & Side Table – Warming Tray, Napkins, Champagne Cooler
  24. Set-up & Decorate Tables (Place name tags)
  25. Set up Dessert Trays – Cookies/Butter Tarts/Fruitcake
  26. Stage Coffee & Tea Pots and Cups
  27. Dish Horseradish Sauce – into Refrigerator
  28. Stage Pans for Steaming Vegetables
  29. Roast into Oven (1:30 pm – 5 hours cook time)
  30. Cook Vegetables & Sauce for Carrots / Add Chestnuts
  31. Heat Gravy
  32. Dinner time!

If you need some inspiration, feel free to download this printable Christmas list template now and use it to your benefit.

Download this Christmas List Excel template now. Merry Christmas!

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