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The professional development plan is a written plan that summarizes all the goals one wants to achieve in his or her life concerning educational, personal, and career development. By developing a plan for professional growth, you will be able to get a good position and realize your qualities and skills to get success in life. A professional development plan helps you to flourish and achieve your goals in life in a progressive way. 

How do you write a professional development plan?

Below is mentioned a brief way of how you can write a professional development program. 

  1. Mention your professional skills and qualities, state your roles and responsibilities as a professional person.
  2. Identify your skills and knowledge.
  3. Identify the deficiencies that can hinder you from achieving your target. (Get your slacking skills by participating in respective training or educational plans)
  4. Enlist your skills, knowledge both theoretical and practical (practical knowledge matters more than theoretical knowledge when developing a professional development plan).
  5. Set your goals according to your skills and abilities
  6. Describe an action plan, how will you implement your knowledge, skills, and qualities in the best way to achieve your goals
  7. Proceed with your plan and mention your development on monthly basis. 

Professional Developmental Plan:

  • Development needs for forthcoming year (Include as many learning needs as required to achieve agreed objectives)
  • Learning and Development Need Type of development Timescales Who is responsible?
  • Provide a specific description of the desired changes (e.g. skills gained, knowledge acquired, topics/themes/content covered)
  • E.g. Course, Workshop, Conference, Self-development (researcher, reading, etc.), Coaching, Mentoring, Job Shadowing, Project work, Committee Membership, etc. E.g. End of April, To be completed in the next 6 months, Over next 1-2 years.
  • E.g. Staff member, UoE L&D program to support, Manager to arrange, Staff member to work with team and Manager, etc.
  • E.g. Resource requirements, Additional notes
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