accounts payable ledger template template

Accounts payable ledger template

How do I make Accounts Payable spreadsheet? Increase your productivity by adopting this Accounts Payable Ledger XLS template directlty.

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Many organizations, especially SME's, keep an Excel spreadsheet with a journal of their daily transactions, called the General Journal. Such a Journal contains entries that can be entered directly into an Excel sheet or similar functioning application into Excel, to record individual transactions in chronological order as debits and credits. 

How do I make an Accounts Payable spreadsheet in MS Excel?

These entries from their specific accounts form General Ledger, from which users can derive other reports, such as the income statement. Initially, it's best to download this template that consists of 2 separate types of Ledgers:

  • Accounting Journal;
  • Accounts payable ledger.

Modify it according to your needs and start converting your daily General Journal data into a more extensive, yet focused, General Ledger using Excel. To use Excel to create the Accounts payable ledger template, you can set up a worksheet, which includes a number of array formulas that sum up the transaction into the proper accounts. Or, you can have Excel's Pivot Table feature summarize the data from the General Journal and build General Ledger for you.

Arrange the General Journal transaction data into four columns as follows:

  • Enter Entry Date;
  • Enter Account Name;
  • Enter Debit/Credit;
  • Enter Amount.

Say for the month of January you entered 50 transactions in the General Journal in rows 2 through 51. To create General Ledger for this list of transactions, follow these steps:

  1. With your General Journal Worksheet active, go to "Data / Pivot Table & Pivot Chart Report"
  2. Select the area;
  3. Click New Worksheet and then click Finish;
  4. Drag and drop the Name Of Account field to the Row fields area;
  5. Drag and drop the Debit/Credit field to the Column fields area;
  6. Drag and drop the Amount field to the Data field area;
  7. Click the Pivot Table button in the Pivot Table toolbar and select Table Options;
  8. Clear the checkmark from the Grand totals for the rows check box and click OK.

Increase your productivity by adopting this Accounts Payable Ledger XLS template directly.

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