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apology letter for cancellation of event

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There can be several reasons to cancel an event. For example cancellation of the event due to covid 19. Other reasons can be expectations for bad weather, the venue cancels, important supplier backs out, you did not receive all permits or an alternative competing event was held on the same day. When an event is canceled, people will expect to hear it in time and to hear a reason why the event was cancelled. Also, they will like to know the terms of the refund.

How do you apologize for canceling an event?

When drafting the apology letter for the cancellation of your event, consider the following before informing the recipients about cancellation.:
  1. Take some time to consider the pros and cons of canceling yourself before you apologize.
  2. Write an apology letter.
  3. Explain the reasons to cancel an event;
  4. Explain why the event happened but do not point fingers at anyone else but yourself.
  5. For a one-to-one apology, choose a private place, without people witnessing the meeting.
  6. Accept responsibility for your behavior.
  7. Express regret for what happened and for your behavior.
  8. Make a promise to change your behavior and explain what you will do.
  9. Ask for forgiveness.
  10. End on a positive note and with appreciation: consider suggesting a new date for the event if possible.
  11. Issue terms of a refund.
Sample Apology letter for cancellation of event:

{{Name Recipient}}

{{Address Recipient}}

Subject: {{Subject}}

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

I'm sorry to inform you that {{Event Name}}, which was scheduled on {{some date}}, has been canceled due to covid 19. {{or other reasons, optional}}.

Please accept my apologies with regards to this unfortunate matter.

I regret any inconvenience this may cause you, even though I've tried my best to inform everyone as soon as possible.

I appreciate your understanding.

Yours sincerely,


Have a look at this sample letter of cancellation of event and download the letter directly. Send the letter as soon as possible.

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