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What is a grant deed form? When can I use a grant deed? Download this grant deed form right now for your easy reference.

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A Grant deeds, also known as a special warranty or a limited warranty deed is a type of warranty deed. Grant deeds are known to be a legal document that protects both the buyers and seller when transferring a property. Grant deeds are important as it holds that the seller has not sell the property to anyone else and there is no title problem or financial obligations attached to the property.

What is a Grant deed?

There are various types of deed that may be used when acquiring and transferring a property, which includes quitclaim deed, deed of trust, warranty deed, grant deed, bargain and sales deed, tax deed, mortgage deed etc. Grants Deeds are usually the easiest, simplest and most straightforward deed used when a real property is being transfer from the previous owner (the grantor) to the new owner (the grantee) and no loan or mortgage is being used to finance the process. It is the sale of a real property in exchange for monetary value or other real consideration. Grant Deeds holds that the grantor hold the right to that property and has the legal right to sell it and that the grantee will not encounter any burden associated with the property during the previous owner time such as restrictions, debts, unpaid taxes or any other factors that might damage the rights of the new owner. A Grant Deed can be used if:

  • Someone wants to buy a property and needs assurance that the property will not be sold to someone else.
  • Someone wants to buy a property and wants to make sure that no liens are attached to the property.
  • Someone is selling a property and wants to give assurance to the buyer.
  • Someone needs to transfer a property to any separate business or a trust. 
  • Someone wants to give a property as a gift to a person or organization.

A grant deed form must contains some vital information which are listed below:

  • The full name of the person that is selling the property.
  • Full description of the details of the property. 
  • Signatures of the grantor or grantors (if the property is owned by more than one person), while it's not compulsory, most times a notary will be present to witness the signing of the deed. 

If you are looking for a Grant Deed form here is attached a free Grand Deed Form template for your help and need. Download this Grant Deed Form now from our website and edit the form to suit your needs. Share this page with your friends in need. Head to our main page to get some useful content. 

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