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How do you use a Unit plan template? When looking for a Unit plan template you can always download and use this one.

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A unit – generally a chapter - involves many lessons and takes an extended time period. It sets the overall context of why the chapter or topic is being studied by the students – to ensure that the relevance of the studies to its usage and application in life is understood and not lost in the day-to-day planning. It also covers broadly the methods by which the students will be assessed to understand their learning. Further, it also describes the prerequisite-level and preparedness of the student as they undertake a study of the chapter.

Why use a Unit plan template?

A unit plan forces you to make decisions about what to teach and how to teach it.

  • After taking the time to develop a unit plan, you are less likely to be side-tracked by objectives, lessons, or activities that do not advance your ultimate quest for academic achievement.
  • A unit plan keeps you on pace to reach your unit (and ultimately long-term) goals.
  • Your unit plan should be referred to almost daily. Given the limited number of weeks, days, and lessons in a unit, each moment becomes more precious, forcing you to pace yourself appropriately to meet your end goals.
  • A unit plan provides an opportunity to stimulate student interest through overarching content that is relevant to students. When you design your unit plan, consider what content will engage your students given their interests and backgrounds.

To create a unit plan that meets the above purposes and provides you with daily instructional guidance.

Many effective teachers use the following series of eight interdependent steps:

I. Develop your unit vision

II. Create your summative unit assessmentIII.Translate your learning goals into lesson objectives

IV. Sequence your content and scaffold your lesson objectives

V. Schedule your objectives on the school calendar

VI. Create your beginning-of-unit diagnostic tool

VII. Create a tracking system for your objectives

VIII. Continually adjust your plan

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