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Bowling Score Sheet

How to use a Score Sheet for Bowling? Download Bowling Score Sheet template now and customize it according to your needs and wants to the scoresheet.

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This bowling score sheet on Excel Spreadsheet is very useful when your electronic bowling score machine is broken or when you have simple bowling equipment that needs a basic scoring sheet, this is the best template for you.

How to use the Bowling Score Sheet?

To use the Bowling Score Sheet, the first thing is your practice scoring individual frames, then as you proceed, add up those frames so you know the final score when the game end. There are also spares and strikes that have their own special scoring rules in the game.
Recording the score on Bowling Score Sheet:
  • Bowling scorecard parts need to be understood
  • Using the scorecard frame on the corresponding turn your taking
  • Input the score for the first roll at the upper left box on that turn
  • Input the second roll's score in the upper right-hand box for that turn
  • Inputting "X" in the scorecard frame means a strike
  • A forward slash in the small box at the top right corner of the scorecard frame means a spare
  • If it is a Foul, input "F"
  • Last is a Dash when you miss the pins

What are the scoring symbols for bowling?These are the scoring symbols and their meaning in the bowling scorecard:X - is used for a "strike"( strike is when you knocked down all the pins on the first roll)/ - is used for a "spare" ( means that you knock down all remaining pins on the second roll of a frame)F - is for foul
Download Score Sheet Bowling Template now and customize it according to your needs.

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