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How to memorize unit circle chart? How do you use a Unit circle? When looking for a Unit circle you can always download and use this one.

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In simple terms, a unit circle is a mathematical tool for making the use of angles and trigonometric functions easier. By understanding and memorizing "the unit circle" we are able to breeze through otherwise calculation-heavy problems, and make our lives a whole lot easier. The unit circle, in its simplest form, is actually exactly what it sounds like: A circle on the Cartesian Plane with a radius of exactly 1unit1 unit1unit.

How to use a Unit circle?

A unit circle can be used to define right triangle relationships known as sine, cosine, and tangent. These relationships describe how angles and sides of a right triangle relate to one another. Say, for example, we have a right triangle with a 30-degree angle, and whose longest side, or hypotenuse, is a length of 7. We can use our predefined right triangle relationships to figure out the lengths of the triangle's remaining two sides.

This branch of math, known as trigonometry, has everyday practical applications such as construction, GPS, plumbing, video games, engineering, carpenter work, and air flight navigation.

How to memorize unit circle chart? To memorize a standard unit circle, we need to be able to recall three major components:

  • Four quadrants;
  • 16 angles;
  • (x, y) coordinates for each of the 16 angles, where the radius touches the circle's perimeter.

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