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A contract letter may be a broad term that applies to any letter that deals with any aspect of the administration of any sort of contract. A contract letter is an agreement between two parties in which all the terms and conditions are given, and both parties must agree on the given terms and conditions.  

Depending upon the contract type, there may be several different formats of contract letters. In this format, we will guide you about how you can write contract end/canceling letters.

Types of Contract Letters:

Contracts may of certain types. Following are some types of contract letters which are given as under:

  1. Contract offer Letter.
  2. Contract cancellation letter.
  3. Contract pause letter.
  4. Complaint letter for breach in contract.

Tips for writing a contract end/cancellation letter:

We provide you the best suitable contract cancellation/end letters according to your category. But in this context, we will explain to you that how you can a write contract cancellation letter on your own. Following is provided a list which you can use to write a contract cancellation letter.

  1. Write your personal information like name, address.
  2. Explain the main details of the contract between you and your opposite company.
  3. Main body where you write about the issues you faced during the contract stages.
  4. Write why you specifically want to end a contract.
  5. Advise the opposite party for improvements and wish good lucks.

These specific points can help you write your own contract cancellation letter. But for your ease, we are also providing you this letter written by our professional with deep and keen interest.

Samples for contract Cancellation Letters:

Here are some contract cancellation letter samples which you can use according to your needs.


This part Includes the address, line by line, with the date. Greetings always end with a comma.


  • I hope you are doing well. I have been working with you for {{duration}} and everything was smooth. 
  • I have written this letter to you in order to inform you about.

Letter body:

  • I am writing this letter to officially terminate the contract between us.
  • I have been facing trouble in getting the payments and I wrote you a letter about {{number of months}} months ago that your company is following the contract on which we both agreed.
  • The section {{section}} of the contract clearly stated that the payments must be done within the {{number of days}} days after delivering goods.
  • You have failed for the last {{number of months}} months paying the money on time which caused me trouble.
  • I can’t work under this kind of situation where your company is continuously violating the contract which has been mutually made by both of us.
  • Section {{section}} clearly stated that if the company will violate any section of this contract for more than {{number of months}} months then the contractor has a right to terminate the contract.
  • I end the contract in which we were parties today as I am not satisfied with the quality and quantity of work you provide despite the handsome payment we made to you. 

Complimentary close:

  • I have a good time with you working but with can’t work with you anymore.
  • I hope we are crystal clear on this.
  • The legal documentation has been attached to this letter even so if there is anything that comes to your mind I am ready to discuss.
  • I hope you improve your work in the future.

Signature lines:

As we know that everyone is busy nowadays and no one wants to sit and write a letter that is why we have made it easier for you.  Anyone can use our letter formats according to their requirements. Our samples are for everyone, whether it is a company or an individual, both can use our samples by making a few amendments.

So, Hurry Up!

Download this sample letter and use it directly. We assure our clients and subscribers of our best services. Hope you have a good day ahead.

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