authorization letter for psa

Authorization Letter for PSA

An example formal request of an application letter in case you have lost your birth certificate and need to request a new one.

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Anyone can collect a birth certificate on behalf of somebody else. PSA Certificates of another person. However, the requested PSA Certificate may only be issued to (delivered) or received by close family members. Below you find a free to download example of an application for a PSA birth certificate. It can happen that due to moving to a new place that you have lost your original birth certificate. In that case, you will need to request a duplicate one at for example the city or district department. The template is easy to download and fully editable in Microsoft Word and Google Documents.

How to write an authorization letter for PSA?

A valid reason to contact PSA, could be for collecting a birth certificate is when the holder of the certificate is underage. A birth certificate is an official document pertaining to the identification of a person by name, place, and date of birth along with parental information. It ensures that a child, born in a country, gets enrolled in the birth register of that country. It is generally issued by the health department and one of the most important official documents of a person required throughout life on numerous occasions such as In this situation, of the legal spouse, like a father or the mother (or another brother or sister of legal age). will collect the birth certificate on behalf of the child. It's important that you state the formal names of the person that collects, and the person that needs the birth certificate. Also provide sufficient Identity proof of both parties, by providing original or copies of the passports, id cards, driver licenses, etc.

Consider the following documents when you request a copy of a Birth Certificate. Often, the person that collects and receives the official birth certificate copy must present the following:

  • completed PSA Authorization letter (or Birth Certificate Request Letter);
  • signed valid original ID from the owner of legal age, legal spouse, father, mother, son, or daughter (legal age);
  • original signed Letter of Authorization from the owner of legal age, legal spouse, father, mother, son, or daughter (legal age);
  • photocopy of the signed valid original ID from the owner of legal age, legal spouse, father, mother, son, or daughter (legal age);
  • photocopy of the signed valid original ID of the Authorized Representative;
  • signed valid original ID of the Authorized Representative and submit the following upon delivery;
  • payment for the applicable fees.

Use this PSA Authorization letter if you need to request a copy of a birth certificate for passport, social security, school, or other identification purposes. This letter is used to request a copy of a birth certificate from a government office. 

There is no need to start from scratch, you may use the document template or the below sentences:

I hereby authorize Tyler to collect the PSA-issued birth certificate that was issued on [day] on my behalf. 

I am the document owners father, to receive the PSA-issued birth certificate of my son because the document owner is not of legal age yet, hence, he cannot receive the requested birth certificate himself. Below you can see the printed scans of valid IDs of both the authorized representative and the document owner which are necessary to receive the delivered document and for verification purposes. Listed below are the collector’s name and identity proof details for your reference and verification process.

Collector’s Name: [Name]

Collector’s Identity Type: [Passport]

Collector’s Identity Number: [ID number]

Collector’s Signature:

You may contact me for further queries via the following phone number

I would be very grateful to you if this could be arranged as soon as possible.

Download this Authorization Letter for PSA, which is a fast and hassle-free way of processing your PSA certificate requests. By properly filling in the details, you will end up with a decent letter. Customize the content and provide the necessary documents, then you need to bring or send the request letter to the appropriate office located here once completed. 

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