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Visa Letter Templates are known as pre-formatted letters design to make the creation of letters less complex. Writing visa letters can be a difficult task for someone without writing skills and knowledge, especially when writing professional letters. As such many persons tends to welcome access to pre-written templates which is of major help.

What is a visa letter?

A Visa Letter Template also called a Visa Invitation Template/Letter is a written pre-letter from one person who is a citizen of a country to family and friends in another country inviting them to visit and accept that they are willing to host that person in their home. Visa's Invitation Letter may be a requirement for some embassies around the world while it may not be required for some. Before some embassies grant visa to an applicant, they need to see a letter that states someone in their home country is willing and can afford to keep and take care of the applicant during the period of their stay in the visiting country. There are four types of visas:

  1. Employment Visa
  2. Business Visa 
  3. Entry/”X” Visa 
  4. Tourist Visa
  • business-visa-application-letter
    > template > Business Visa Application Letter

    Business Visa Application Letter

    How do I write a business visa application letter? This application letter can be easily downloaded in several file formats and printed directly.
  • schengen-visa-application-letter
    > template > Schengen Visa Application Letter

    Schengen Visa Application Letter

    What should I say in a Schengen visa application letter? This application letter template can be easily used and edited according to your needs.
  • usa-business-visa-application
    > template > USA Business Visa Application

    USA Business Visa Application

    How to write an USA Business Visa Application letter? Just download this ready-made template in Google Docs, MS Word or Apple Pages format and you’re good to go.

  • Listed below are some requirements for a host person:

    • Host must be a citizen or permanent resident of the country the applicant is visiting.
    • Host must have a registered place that applicant can stay at.
    • Host must be a friend or relative of the applicant.
    • Host must be earning an income and have adequate space to accommodate applicant.

    The advantages of using pre-prepared visa letter templates are listed below:

    • Saves valuable time of having to prepare letter from scratch.
    • Decrease the work-load and stress of having to prepare letter from scratch.
    • Helps to prevent and eliminate mistakes as most letter templates are usually prepared by professionals with the relevant knowledge and qualification.
    • Makes it easier to understand for an individual that do not have much experience with preparing letters as documents are well labelled and layout.
    • It helps to simplifies the overall process.
    • It helps to save cost as instead of paying someone with the skills and qualification to prepare any letter as needed it can be downloaded for free or at a minimal cost.
    • It gives a professional presentation, eliminate grammatical and punctuation errors, is well laid-out and organized as it is prepared mostly by professionals in the writing industry.
    • Some letters may need to follow certain standards, certain criteria and formats which an ordinary person might not have knowledge of.
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    Authorization Letter Format For Visa Collection

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    Visa Application Letter

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  • visa-invitation-letter
    > template > Visa Invitation Letter

    Visa Invitation Letter

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    > template > Tourist Visa Request Letter

    Tourist Visa Request Letter

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    Authorization Letter to Claim Visa

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    Visa Application Form

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    Visa Letter Sample

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