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How to write a professional interview letter?

There is a particular way to write an interview letter, which organizations follow to officially invite a candidate for an interview. The content of an interview letter is very specific and regardless of the niche or industry of a company; the basic parts of an interview letter remain the same. 

  • Brief Details About the Position; At the start, the candidate is briefed about the position for which the interview will be conducted.
  • Time and Date of the Interview; In the next step, the time and date of the interview will be disclosed. 
  • Details about the interviewing team; Most companies also include the details of the interviewing team, especially when the interview is to be conducted to fill a managerial position.
  • Requirements to be Fulfilled by the Candidate; In the next step, the candidate is briefed about the requirements that need to be fulfilled in terms of the documents to be brought or if there is an assignment to be completed before the formal interview. 
  • Name and Address of the Company; Name and address of the company are normally written at the end of the interview letter. 

The arrangement of these contents can vary based on the preferences of a company, however, the contents remain the same with little or no changes made to the elements mentioned above.

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  • What are the different types of interview letters?

    It is essential to note that there can be many different types of interview letters based on what is the purpose of the interview. There can be three to four interviews conducted to fill a major position and the letters for each interview will be written in a different way. In addition to this, there can be letters inviting an individual for different types of assessments such as stress, mental health, and approach. Given below are the most common types of interview letters:

    • Individual Interview;
    • On-site Interview;
    • Screening Interview;
    • Telephonic Interview; 
    • Informational Interview; 
    • Behavioral Interview; 
    • Assignment based interview;
    • Stress interview. 

    The procedure of writing an interview letter is not very different for any of the above-mentioned types. The main purpose of the interview is mentioned in the letter and the rest of the elements remain the same as discussed previously. It is essential for a firm to write a well-thought-out interview letter to convince the best individuals to come for an interview and fill an important position as soon as possible.

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  • What is an Interview Letter?

    An interview letter is commonly perceived as a formal and professionally written invitation to physically meet or set up a call with a potential candidate for an open job vacancy. It is an important step in the overall hiring process conducted by a firm and holds great importance. A professionally written interview letter shows the professionalism practiced at a company and leaves a good first impression on the candidates. Drafting a well-written interview letter is essential to attract the attention of the best candidates and to increase the likelihood of getting a multi-talented resource hired. The interview letter is always written on the official pad of the company, containing the name and other details of the company.
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