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When people refer to an appointment letter, they often mean a formal message or letter that officially confirms a persons’ appointment into a new job position within an organization for a vacant position. This letter throws light on important details regarding the roles and responsibilities of the freshly hired employee. It also serves as a contract between the employee and the employer while containing all the particulars of the job offer. However, it’s also possible the letter refers to a meeting appointment, in this case, it’s related to -often briefly- formally confirming or canceling a business meeting.

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    Employment Appointment Letter

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    Appointment Letter Template

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    • What is the importance of an appointment letter?

      An appointment letter is a crucial document for both the employee and employer, as it is the advancing step of interaction between the two. This letter remains valid and can be used for reference by both parties throughout the hired person's employment tenure. On the employee's end, it can be used to determine which bonuses, increments, and holidays can be justifiably demanded. It also serves as a legal document through which either of the two parties can claim pre-decided, undelivered commitment.

      How to write a job position appointment letter?

      A decently drafted appointment letter does not only provide all the related information, including the offered designation, jobs responsibilities, the company's policy and regulations, cost to a company, and code of conduct, but it also acts as proof for the hired employee to have been selected for the given role. The major components of a well-drafted appointment letter are listed below: Body of an Appointment Letter The letter best begins with a friendly and welcoming opening along with a brief summary of the purpose behind writing the document. For instance, a letter can start with, "ABC is pleased to offer you the position of XYZ with effect from XYZ date.” The letter should contain a thorough description of the job responsibilities, probation period, working hours, etc. In case the job involves frequent travel, then it must be specified with an approximate number of hours on the road or days abroad. An appointment letter must also mention the employee's remuneration, medical benefits, and other terms that were mentioned in the job advertisement or were discussed during the interview. More ideally, it should be accompanied by the company's handbook, which clearly mentions the number and types of holidays, dress code, company rules and regulations, or any other regulations or policies that the employee is bound to follow during his tenure. The last part of the letter must give a welcoming gesture, ending on a positive and encouraging note. For instance, "We look forward to seeing the best of your professional expertise." Compulsions The contents of an appointment letter must be created on the company's official letterhead while following the block style of business letter writing. It is valid only if the signatures of both the employer and employee are present and are genuine. The tone of the entire letter must be formally complying with all the official formalities of writing. There must not be any grammatical, verbal, or spelling errors.

      How to communicate an appointment letter?

      Sending the selected candidate an email with the employment letter attached is an ideal way of communication. However, in rare cases, it is also passed by hardcopy letter to the employee in some organizations.
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