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An apology letter is a common phenomenon in business that went wrong written letters in business. A business apology is slightly different from a personal apology. For example, if an issue occurs in a business relationship between the Principal and the Agent, or a boss and employee. If something in business goes wrong, it probably means there are monetary issues and consequences. It is a very formal letter written by the employee; however, if it is not related to business, it can be written by anyone.

What makes a good Apology?

A good apology needs to make a difference. Firstly, make sure to emphasize the remorseful feelings of the person and the company that caused the issue. Tell them how causing the issue was felt. It is not constructive is to share feelings of resentment or defensiveness. Secondly, Admit the mistake and confirm you understand the negative impact it has. This is the hardest part because it requires admitting responsibility for your personal or company actions or behavior. Especially difficult if it happened with good intentions. Consider how it could have been done differently. This is where most of us are tempted to explain our behavior. When you have doubts, make sure to leave the reason why out, so you are preventing yourself to look defensive, or making excuses. Finally, make the situation right, combine good apologies with actions that include reparation. And mention how you will prevent future mistakes from happening. This helps us rebuild trust and repair the relationship.

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