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Agreement Termination Letter

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If the company announces a lay-off, often the employees are offered a separation agreement, to provide conditions for closure and to arrange the ending of the working relationship. If the employee agrees and understands that the benefits provided are reasonable, and the company cannot provide a decent salary and work in the near future, it's best not to fight the separation agreement. 

How to write an agreement termination letter?

Such a letter allows for one-sided cancellation of the working relationship (including a notice period) of the employee. It will mainly depend on the reason you apply for termination, whether or not you want to use a formal intonation.  Check out this sample content for your reference and download the letter directly:

Firing an employee isn't easy, but it's a necessary step if the organization decides if they are having a negative impact on the organization. Employers will want to write a termination letter when they fire an employee. The agreement termination letter confirms the details of the firing and summarizes the information that the now-former employee will need to know. Below you can read an example of our agreement termination letter. This is letter is to inform you that our company has decided to terminate the agreement that we have signed. We have expressed our concerns more than once, unfortunately, nothing was accomplished to resolve these issues. Under the current situation, we have no other option but to terminate the agreement and end our existing relationship. We believe this is very possible under the current terms which facilitate for either party to end the agreement in case of a breach. Please consider this letter a formal termination notice. Kindly confirm your receipt, understanding, and acceptance of this notification.

When do you use a termination letter?

  • Often it is a requirement by local/state/country labor law, rules, and regulations;
  • You can inform the affected employee(s) about owed compensation and benefits;
  • When you believe the affected staff is ineligible for unemployment;
  • In case you need a record of the termination in case of a lawsuit;
  • Termination needs to be made clear to the employee;
  • If you want to provide information on the employee's next steps.

If it's important that the employee further acknowledges no entitlement to any additional payment or consideration not specifically referenced in this letter, consider sending an Employment Separation Contract as well.

Make use of our agreement termination letter template to help to come to a perfect personalized version.  In case of doubt, always consult a local lawyer that is experienced with labor law. Make sure not only to consider legal conditions, but also the existing working relationship and possible future benefits. The objective of writing this letter is to request a period of termination (notice period) from a job for a temporary duration or permanent. 

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