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An actuary assesses the uncertainty and risk associated with any business and analyzes the cost of the expected threats and risks. They use different tools i.e., statistics, economics, and mathematics, and financial theory to critically analyze the risks associated with any event or occasion, and thus they assist the businessman, clients, and entrepreneurs to establish policies to reduce the cost of the relevant risk. Actuary plays an important role in the development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of a business. Following are mentioned job duties of an actuary. 

What are the job duties of an Actuary?

Following are the responsibilities of an actuary.

  1. To prepare the price of the product.
  2. Do the research and identify market competitors.
  3. Maintaining the contact and correspondence with the clients and other parties
  4. Development, programming, and implementation of the software for risk assessment.
  5. Assessment and analysis of the financial risks associated with the business.
  6. device insurance policies and give useful suggestions to corporations on meeting the balance capital and market standards. 
  7. If you want to be an actuary, you must have the following skills.
  8. What skills should an actuary have?
  9. Computer and software skills
  10. Must be expert in solving math problems
  11. Analytical problem-solving skills. 
  12. Must know the knowledge of business, economics, and finance
  13. Interpersonal and communication skills.

Actuary's Job Description:

If you are a hiring agency, and looking for immediate hire, but don’t have the time to draft the job description, we got your back. Here is written a sample job description that you may use in your job post. 

Actuaries complete complex calculations to gauge the likelihood of specific outcomes about investments, consumer demand, illnesses, and accidents. They also use computer software to generate reports, graphs, and tables to report their findings to others. The statistical data found by actuaries is presented to pension directors, investment bankers, underwriters, marketing managers, and insurance executives. The findings help support the decisions that these individuals make regarding stock offerings, marketing planning, investment choices, and the pricing of insurance policies. The data generated by actuaries is essential because it empowers business owners to manage risk and ensure the stability of their company operations.


  • Apply advanced actuarial techniques across all tasks;
  • Develop, maintain, and analyze projection models;
  • Coordinate with the external actuary and auditing firms for interim and annual actuarial information;
  • Apply sound actuarial principles and maintain actuarial qualifications in compliance with regulations;
  • Reconcile and analyze actuarial inputs and outputs;
  • Collaborate with key leaders to identify and meet information needs;
  • Establish actuarial procedures and document them for internal use.

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