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A 3D artist draws illustrations and animations on design software. They are generally called graphic designers. Their job description is not just limited to drawing, but they also work for adding a 2 dimensional or 3-dimensional touch to a drawing. An artist brings an idea to life in the form of a drawing or illustration. Here we will provide some information about their responsibilities, along with a job description.

What does a 3D Animator Artist do?

A 3D artist is just not limited to making drawings but is also responsible for bringing the idea in the client’s mind to life.  Here are mentioned duties of a 3D artist:

  1. Illustrates the artwork
  2. Draws an idea in the form of art
  3. Collaborates with a team to discuss the projects
  4. Draws 2D 3D sculpts
  5. Creates graphics using mesh, map, and different modeling tools
  6. Draws visual animations
  7. Receives and incorporates feedback as an edit to the work
  8. Focusses on client’s requirements
  9. Views the project from the client’s perspective
  10. Draws realistic drawings for the artistic visual effects
  11. Troubleshoot any problems faced during a project

These are some of the job responsibilities for a 3D artist. If you feel like being experienced in all of these mentioned responsibilities, then you are good to go for an artist’s job.

Sample 3D Animation Job Description:

If you are a hiring agency, and looking for immediate hire, but don’t have the time to draft the job description for a 3D artist, we got your back. Here is written a sample job description that you may use in your job post:

The role of the 3D Animator requires strong technical knowledge along with a highly creative sensibility. Rendering 3D animation sequences involves complex mathematical calculations, a career in 3D animation necessitates both left and right brain sensibilities. 

  • Strong artistic skills
  • Ability to visualize 3D iterations of two-dimensional sketches and artwork
  • Good instinct for timing, movement, editing cuts
  • Training in animation, computer graphics, graphic design, or fine art
  • Experience in 3D modeling
  • Understanding of acting techniques, cinematography, interactive storytelling, and graphic art 
  • Understanding of movement of limbs, the effect of weight, and the behavior of skin and flesh
  • Talent for visual storytelling
  • Knowledge of film and animation genres, and ability to create within their styles
  • Advanced concept of visual language - perspective, point of view, proportion, color, composition, framing, etc
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy, how humans and animals move
  • High level knowledge of lighting, shadows, and textures
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver to tight deadlines
  • Basic understanding of aesthetics of visual communication
  • Knowledge of character rigging
  • Working knowledge of the laws of physics - gravity, acceleration, and the laws of energy


3D artists should have an aptitude for art and creativity, be skilled in using different and emerging computer software, and be equally comfortable working independently as well as part of a larger team. Typically, employers will require a bachelor’s degree in art or computer graphics, a portfolio


  • Expert knowledge of 3DSMax.
  • Expert knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Expert knowledge of ZBrush and Substance Painter.

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