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Assistant Principal Job Description

What does a Principal Administrative Assistant do? Find out and download Assistant Principal Job Description!

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Assistants are co-workers specified in all industries and departments. One of their common duties despite their industry niche is that they are the first point of contact to deal with any visitor or receive any incoming phone calls and then direct them to the actual recipients. There are certain job positions for assistants, like assistant admissions, assistant producer, etc., they all are responsible to assist their relevant supervisors. Here you will find a sample job description for assistants, and a detailed list of their duties. 

What does a Principal Administrative Assistant do?

Assistant Principal should be responsible for the below-mentioned job tasks and duties:

  • Organizing the work desks in case of any meetings
  • Keep records, and take notes during a meeting
  • Responsible to manage the email of the senior manager, and responding accordingly
  • Communicates with exterior departments on the behalf of the manager
  • Answerable to manager for the day-to-day tasks and assessments
  • Organize the visits and travel plans 
  • Manage and control the meetings and multi-media
  • Administers and assists the senior in all tasks to ensure the work efficiency
  • Welcomes any incoming guests, receives phone calls on the behalf of the manager, and direct them to the manager whenever required

These are some of the duties and responsibilities of an assistant principal. If you are looking for a professional job description, you may download a word file containing a sample assistant job description as well. 

Assistant Principal Job Description:

Below is written a copied snippet from the word file of the admissions Assistant Principal job description:

Assistant principals deal with the issues of school management, student activities and services, community relations, personnel, and curriculum instruction. They coordinate with principals and board members to assist in defining and enforcing school policies and guidelines for students, staff, and faculty. They conceptualize the goals of their school and identify objectives for instruction and extracurricular programs. Working with faculty, assistant principals make suggestions, listen, and share experiences encouraging teacher improvement and motivation within classrooms.


  • Assists in the planning, development, organization, coordination, and supervision of instructional programs and activities; interprets and implements the District approved curriculum program in light of individual school needs. 
  • Assists in providing leadership to the professional staff in determining objectives and identifying school needs as the basis for developing long and short-range plans for the school.
  • Assists the principal in the overall administration of the school and assumes leadership of the school in the absence of the principal.
  • Assists in the supervision of student enrolment, records, attendance, and health requirements.
  • Develops plans for emergency situations, in cooperation with staff and public safety agencies.
  • Maintains a commitment to ongoing growth in self and others, supporting and participating in district and site professional growth programs.
Download the Assistant Principal Job Description right now for your needs. Head towards for cover letters, essays, articles, templates, and much more. 

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