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A door hanger is a plastic or wooden sign that is hanged outside the rooms, apartments, or suites for the sake of some advertisement or maybe a piece of information to be shown to people passing or stopping by. These signs are a means of communication between the hour or room’s residents and people of the outside world like housekeepers, workers, guests, etc. A commonly known door hanger sign is the 'Do not disturb sign', or 'Busy sign', and particular timings can also be written, and there can be many more instructions. People live for peace and deserve the peace that is why these gadgets are made for the sake of ease for the world. Door hangers can be various in sizes and shapes. Apart from that, these can also be used for advertising purposes. 

How valuable are Door hangers?

This context includes vast information about the features, applications, and uses of printable do not disturb door hanger as well as it includes multiple guides for you related to the usage of these signs. We will be guiding you in detail about the door hangers as well as we will also provide you sample templates which you can use directly after making little changes in them as per your requirement and conditions.  So, keep reading for some templates, some important information as well as some fruitful ideas related to door hangers. 

Door hangers are of several uses in professional and working life. Their applications range from depicting a particular privacy note as well as some marketing features. Below are enlisted some features of door hangers used for multiple purposes.

  1. Door hangers are used in the lodging rooms. These signs help inform the staff about the room instructions. These instructions are related to one’s privacy, or these represent the usage of the room i.e., makeup room, common room, prayer room, etc. 
  2. These signs can also be used for displaying the date and timings of a specific office or place. For example, a doctor’s office, a worker’s room. 
  3. Door hangers help in informing the staff/workers of a particular area about the ongoing work or construction/renovation of a specified area so that people do not make a disturbance.  These also deliver important information about an area if there is some dangerous testing is being held inside. 
  4. Apart from all these, some people also use these hangers to keep the thieves away from their residences if they keep valuables in their suits or apartments.
  5. Door hangers are also used as marketing items for the advertising and promotions of a particular business and proposed ideas. A detailed note on this marketing-related usage of door hangers is also provided in this blog. So please stick with us, enjoy, and keep reading. 

What are the forms of door hangers?

Door hangers come in various shapes, sizes, and design ideas. Their specification of dimensions and types depending upon their usage. These may vary from rectangular to triangular in shapes and depict multiple information including the availability of someone or specific directions of a particular area. Everything varies as per the conditions and requirements. You can also get some customized door hangers.  Below are listed some types and forms of door hangers used for multiple purposes: 

  1. Some automated hangers are also available which can be made using virtual means instead of hanging a solid nonvirtual sign. The owners may use this virtual hanger in the form of a screen to display the information of their choice using an inward computer system so that no one gets disturbed.  
  2. Door hangers can either be printed through graphic design on a computer. These can also be made by hand if one has enough creativity to do it. 
  3. Furthermore, these can be made either vertically or horizontally. This also depends upon the type of door so that its aesthetics looks do not get affected. 
  4. Standard size of door hangers are Width: 8,9 CM (3.5 inch) X Height: 22,9 CM (9 inch). Or Width: 10,8 CM (4.25 inch) x Height: 28,0 CM (11inch).

Door hangers as marketing item:

In some parts of the world, door hangers are also used as a marketing tool for promoting a business or some proposed idea. Such kind of door hangers carries a different type of information apart from delivering a private note. This information is a marketing technique for the sake of promotion of a business idea, some public survey, or even asking for a review. These hangers are displayed and distributed by keeping the type of area in mind for the sake of commercialism and advertising one’s business. These types of ads have been seen to have quite a good traffic of the specified ad of business. Most of the time, it is recommended to distribute these hangers at staycation hotels and residential areas where people belonging from some other areas are expected to come. This door hanger marketing technique has helped several people to attract new customers to their business. Businesspersons like plumbers, technicians, creative artists, painters, contractors, and more of a similar kind can use this marketing technique for their business promotion. This advertising technique is not only quite helpful, but it is also found to be very effective in attracting clients and customers since it is an inexpensive form of advertising. 

Never forget to knock

Making door hangers can require much hard work. But you do not need to worry at all. We are providing you a very door hanger printable free template here which you can easily use after printing, or maybe painting them to a wooden or plastic stick. Multiple shapes and the most appropriate size are also provided as well for a better outcome. You can easily download this do not disturb sign template for the door for free from our website. There are multiple door hanger signs available on our website. If you like this template, then do not forget to leave us a good review. If you did not find this sample helpful enough, then head towards our website for some more useful door hanging templates in various shapes and structures.

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