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A Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategist is the one that manages all the social accounts of a particular organization. The duties of a social media strategist include keep all the social platforms updated, manage all the social media posts, and work in such a way in advertising the products so that the company's sales increase. To secure the job of a social media strategist, you will have to write your job application letter in such a way that it gets noticed by the recruiter. 

How to write a social media strategist cover letter?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to secure a good position in all the competitive job applications of a social media strategist:

  1. After making an introduction of yours in your job application, state about your experience.
  2. Write about how much success you have achieved in your past career.
  3. State about what difference you have made to the previous organization.
  4. State your achievements and awards you have made in the field.
  5. End the letter in positive words always by paying regards to the recruiter for giving a chance to apply for the job.

Samples for social media Strategist  cover letter:

For your help and ease, we are providing you some sample cover letters for the post of the social media manager. You can either use the below-mentioned sample categorized line or even download the whole letter for free from our website.


This part includes the address, line by line, with the proper dates.


Introductory lines include the purpose of your letter. Below are mentioned some lines for your reference:

  • If any of your clients requires a persistent and well-versed Digital Marketing and Social Media Administrator, then you may want to consider me as a serious prospect for the role.
  • I am very interested in your recent post on {{job source}} for the Social Media Executive position. As a veteran Social Media Executive, I am presently examining job openings in the Advertising domain where my skills and experience will be of use. My CV exhibits remarkably skillful professionalism for this position.
  • I have always followed the performance of your firm on {{job source}}. Your record over the last {{number of years}} years shows exceptional [portfolio management]. Because of my experience with one of your rivals as a Social Media Manager, I know I could make significant contributions.
  • Does any of your clients need a driven and capable Social Media Strategist? If so, then please share my CV with them because I have faith, I have the knowledge and experience to excel in such a capacity.

Body/main text:

The body part includes all the relevant details of your job application letter. Do not forget to relate your past experiences with the open job in your cover letter. Here are some samples:

  • Social Media Administrator with over {{number of years}} years' experience in Advertising. Reliably surpasses objectives and business targets. Quick learner and a remarkable communicator with the ability to perform well in a multitasking environment. An inventive and capable analyst with solid problem-solving skills offering outstanding systems expertise {{conversions, upgrades, and training}}, excellent PC, and internet skills. Some key points you may find relevant to an Advertising role with your center include: {{write about yourself}}
  • An ambitious and innovative Social Media Executive who enjoys being an integral part of or leading a team. Showcases a strong commitment to delivering client value and is quick to grasp new ideas and concepts. Exhibits excellent problem-solving and systematic capabilities, good networking skills, and can communicate concisely at all levels. Highly motivated, excited, and well organized with an innate capability to work well under pressure. 
  • Looking for a Social Media Manager position within Advertising, in a role that will best utilize strong systematic skills. A well-respected Social Media Manager with {{number of years}} years of Digital Advertising experience. Possesses an established track record of supplying business excellence. Reputed as passionate and results-driven; pays close attention to details. Some of the key competences that I can bring to a new opportunity include: {{write about yourself}}
  • Social Media Strategist with in-depth knowledge of all Advertising disciplines. Backed by two promotions within {{number of years}} years and employee of the month {{no. of times}} times last year. Strong social and communication skills with the ability to work with cross-functional departments. Some key points you may find relevant to this opportunity including...

Complimentary close:

End the letter with a few acknowledgment lines. It just shows your concern and attitude towards the job. Some samples are written below: 

  1. The enclosed CV summarizes my credentials and achievements. I would be glad to talk about any of this information with any of your clients if any fit opportunity arises. Thank you for taking the time to review my CV and for your consideration. 
  2. A meeting with you would be greatly appreciated. Please sense free to contact me to organize a time or to gain further information on my background. I am sure you will agree that I am right for the job after reviewing my CV and meeting me in person. Thank you for your time and prompt reply. I look forward to meeting you soon.
  3. If I sound like the person you need at {{Organization Name}}, then contact me right away to discuss the Social Media Manager position. I can be reached on {{mobile}}.
  4. For your information, my CV is attached. If any situations come to mind where you think my skills and background would fit or if you have any suggestions as to others with whom it might be beneficial for me to speak, I would appreciate hearing from you. I can be reached on the telephone number shown below: {{write about number}}


Mark your personal signatures at the end of the letter. You can either handwrite them after printing the cover letter or you may insert scanned signatures directly in the soft form of the letter and then print it out.

These are some sample social media Strategist cover letters for your guideline and help. You can print these letters after freely downloading from our website and making certainly required edits as per your requirements. Head towards our website for more useful letters.

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