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Writing an Argumentative Essay: Claim, Essay Point, Evidence, Counter

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Writing an argumentative essay can be challenging, but when done effectively, it can be a powerful way to support your point of view. An argumentative essay is an essay that presents a point and supports it with evidence and reasons, with the goal of persuading the reader to accept that point. Here's how to write an argumentative essay and make sure you put your best foot forward.

Point, Claim, Evidence

First and foremost, you must start drafting the outline of your essay in which you should emphasize the main idea of your writing. Start off your essay by making your main argumen (point) crystal clear; make sure it's stated in your introduction so that the reader knows where you are headed with the essay. Then, make a claim, which is a statement that supports your point. Support your claim with evidence. Your evidence can be statistics, expert opinions, or other facts that reinforce your argument.

The Essay

Once you've established the point, claim, and evidence, you can start crafting the body of your essay. The body should be composed of several paragraphs that provide more detail on the supporting evidence you are presenting. Each paragraph should have a single idea and should provide evidence to support that idea. Use transition sentences between paragraphs to make sure the reader understands how each paragraph connects to the others.

The Counter-Argument

Another crucial aspect of an argumentative essay is to consider the counter-argument. A counter-argument is a view that opposes your argument. A good argument will consider the opposing point of view and provide evidence to refute it.

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