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Letter of confirmation of employment

Letter of confirmation of employment sample: It's important to make a formal Letter of confirmation of employment which employees can show to the requestors.

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If you are responsible for HR within your organization, you may occasionally receive requests from employees to provide their proof of employment statements to a third party, such as a bank, financial institution, or another employer. In order to fulfill those requests, it's important to make a formal Letter of confirmation of employment which they can show to the requestors.

How do I write a confirmation letter for employment?

When preparing a Letter of confirmation of employment statement for current or former employees, it is best to be consistent and to abide by the applicable laws regarding what information you’re allowed to disclose and present adequate information in a formal, concise way. This statement's purpose may confirm an employment status, employment starting/termination dates, gross salary information, and other details, depending on the reason why the employee needs it. Its important to consider what according to your organization's HR policies is allowed to share with other companies. Therefore, it might be a necessity to provide a release form regarding the requirements of types of data employers, are permitted to disclose. that the employee needs to sign before you can share information with a third party.

An employment verification letter has to be printed on paper with official letterhead of the organization, or stationery including the following information:

  • Delivery instructions and information (e.g., fax number, mailing address, email address);
  • The reason for the request (optional);
  • Includes the company header and company logo;
  • What information the requesting party needs (e.g., employment dates, job title, salary):
    • Employer name;
    • Employer location/address;
    • Reference to Name and address of the company requesting verification;
    • Employee name;
    • Employment dates;
    • Employee job title;
    • Employee job description;
    • Employee current salary;
    • Reason for termination;
  • Abide by the applicable laws;
  • Be consistent.

Sample sentences for an Employment verification letter:


  • Employment verification letter
  • Employment Confirmation Letter


  • To Whom It May Concern,
  • Dear Mr., Mrs.,


  • We are in receipt of your request for employment verification for {{Employee Name}}, as it relates to his application for a temporary employment visa.
  • As the coordinator of our firm’s international internship program since {{Year}}, I can gladly provide you with the information you seek.
  • Please accept this letter as verification of {{Employee Name}}’s employment with the {{Organization Name}}


  • Employee's recently graduated from college with a degree in {{Education}}.
  • He/She applied and was accepted to our {{Program Name}} program through our branch office in his hometown of {{Location}}.
  • He hopes to complete the internship program for {{duration internship}} in {{Location}} and then seek permanent employment in our {{Location}} office.
  • The internship will commence on {{Date}} and end on {{Date}}.
  • {{His/Her}} activities while employed in the internship program would involve training and entry-level functions in our {{Departments}} departments.
  • We sincerely hope that {{Employee Name}} can obtain an employment visa and take advantage of this opportunity, which we feel will be greatly beneficial to both {{him/her}} and our firm.
  • Confirmation of employment:
    • Employee Name;
    • Employment Dates: Starting Date  – Present
    • Current Job Title;
    • Current Salary.


  • If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact me at {{Phone}} if I may provide you with additional information.
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Name sender
  • Handwritten signature
  • Job title

Keep in mind the lead time for submitting the documents, including the number of business days you might need to prepare the documents, and make sure to take sufficient time in order for the documents to arrive via standard mail.

We hope this Letter of confirmation of employment is the right document for your inquiry.

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