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Condolences message for loss of mother

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In the hard times, when someone is a loved one departs from this world, words are not enough to console someone. But still, there is a need to communicate with them and provide condolence. In this advanced world, there are so many methods for communication regarding condolences. There is an absolute need to find the time and write sympathetic condolence to calm someone from the stress and disaster they have been going through. Writing a letter is a good option in such cases. So, to write such a letter, you must take some points in your consideration.

How to write a letter to a friend who has recently lost his father or mother?

While writing a condolence letter, one of the most important things is to stay positive, and genuine. Making someone calm with fake reasons and irrelevant stuff is not a good option. You need to remember while writing a condolence letter that every person has an individual nature and their journey of sadness due to the deceased person is also unique. That is why we prefer not to write “everything happens for a reason”

What to write in a condolence letter?

While you write a condolence letter for a loved one, always remember the following points in your mind:- Always write the actual name of the deceased person.- Write your honest sympathies.- Write down a good trait of the deceased person. - Remind the recipient of all the good qualities of the deceased one.- Remember to share a good memory of you with the departed soul.- Always offer your all-time availability to help.- End the letter with a sympathetic expression.

Condolence letter on the death of Father/Mother:

Parents are the biggest blessings. But in the hard and fast rules of this world, sometimes the hard time comes where when your relative must bear and go through this tragic phase. That time must be very heartbreaking for a person. In such cases, a condolence letter with sympathies and help must be of huge value for the recipient. Below is written a sample condolence letter:

Dear friend,
Please accept our most sincere condolences on the passing of your {{father/Mother}}. 
It is never easy to lose someone, but we accept and cope with God’s will and ask for the strength to carry on. 
May {{his/her}} merry soul rest in peace. My thoughts are with you.Yours sincerely,

Download this Condolence letter for free from our website. You can use and edit this letter after downloading it in Microsoft Word format. If this letter is not according to your situation and needs, then please head on to our website for more condolence letters.

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