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A sponsor letter means to ask for donations from a business, asking them to contribute towards a non-profit organization so that they may accomplish their goals. To have a sponsor, we must request some donations from high-end businesses. This request is first at a phone call, if they accept the purpose of the organization then a sponsor letter is requested. A sponsor letter must be written with keen care so that it gets accepted. Everything must be explained very well to make it effective immediately. Here we will guide you on how you can write an effective sponsor letter as well as we will provide you a sample letter as well. So, keep reading.

How do you ask a company to sponsor you?

Dealing with sponsors is not an easy task. Especially making calls and sending letters asking for the sponsors requires a lot of care and attention. Below are attached some guides which you can follow while writing a sponsor letter:

  1. Choose a professional-looking letter format.
  2. Make introductory greetings for a good first impression. 
  3. Write the subject of the letter, in this case, it would be a sponsorship request letter.
  4. Write about the organization’s goals and purpose of why you require a sponsor.
  5. Mention in brief detail the outcomes that would result from the sponsor you require.
  6. Offer the business something in return. Like their advertisement etc.
  7. End the letter with appropriate greetings and words. 
  8. Mention your contact details like email id and bank account number specified for the sponsors.

Sample sponsor letter:

We are providing you a sample sponsor letter which you may use after certain edits as per your requirements and conditions. A sample letter is provided below:

Dear Mr./Mrs {{name}},

At {{Nonprofit Name}}, we’ve served {{demographic}} in the {{Community Name}} area for over {{number}} years. This {{season or time period}}, we’re aiming to raise {{amount}} to fund {{project}}.

On {{date}} we are planning to host a {{type}} fundraising event. At this event, we would {{event activity}} and raise money by {{fundraising method}}.

However, we think our efforts would go even farther with {{Company Name}} as our official corporate sponsor.

In this role, your business would provide {{service or donation amount}}, and in turn, we would promote your company as the event’s official sponsor.

Alternatively, your team could provide {{service or donation amount}} in your role as our sponsor.

With {{Company Name}} by our side at this upcoming event, we’re sure to achieve this season’s fundraising goal and serve {{Community Name}} well.

If your company is interested in being our official event sponsor, please reach out to us at {{contact information}}. We can’t wait to hear back!

Yours sincerely,

Download this sponsor letter template right now from our website for free. Use this letter after certain edits. Provide your suggestions in the feedback section. We would love to hear from you. Head towards our website for some more useful content. 

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Stephan Tswai(5/12/2022)

impressive templates easy to use and professional thank you so much

Tan Ms(4/22/2022)

It is a good template for me to write a sponsorship letter.

Maya Calhoun(2/8/2021) - AUS

This is very helpful file for my life

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