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An invoice is a time-stamped legal document that itemizes and records the exact details of the transaction between a seller and a buyer. If goods or services were purchased on credit, the invoice will normally also specify the terms of the credit agreement. This download is for free. The document provided can easily be edited in Google Docs and Excel (XLSx format).

How do I make a Commercial Invoice?

An invoice also states the information regarding the available methods of payment. Per country the legal requirements of an invoice differ. The easy way to make an invoice in Google Docs, is by starting with an existing template. This file can be downloaded freely and directly to your server. Editing from there is easy.

Another way, is by following these steps:

  1. Be sure to be logged in into Your Google Account in the browser, before starting;
  2. Open this template or another in the Template Gallery;
  3. Save the Template, with a generic name first;
  4. Create a New Invoice, for example with the date of today (211231), client reference, project reference, etc;
  5. Modify the Invoice with client info, amount, etc;
  6. Save, print, send or share the Invoice with the client.

The following are six common types of invoices used by accounting to send to customers:

  1. Pro forma invoice: a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods.
  2. Interim invoice:  a way to invoice a long term or large project by breaking down the invoice into multiple payments that corresponds to completion of a certain portion of the project
  3. Final invoice: sent to the customer once a project has been completed. Relates to the final payment.
  4. Past due invoice:  related to a outstanding invoice that has not been paid as of its original due date. If a company extends credit to its clients, it might experience situations where it must collect a past due invoice.
  5. Recurring invoice: a type of invoicing in which a company automatically charges its customers for goods or services at regular fixed intervals. 
  6. Credit memo:  a transaction which can be applied to a customer's  existing invoice as a payment or reduction (discount). This might happened in case both seller and buyer agree that good not delivered will be credited.

Download this Invoice in Google Docs format by clicking 'Save to Google', than click 'Save' when the Google window appears. Alternatively, it's possible to download the file as an XLSX (MS Excel) as well. It's available in EURO currency as default, by it's easy to modify to any other currency according to your needs.

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