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Employee Recognition Award

When praising someone professionally, what do you say? This sample template is available in many different file formats, that and can be easily download.

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A recognition program is a way to recognize employees for their contributions. In employee recognition programs, rewards are given for hard work, dedication, and achievement to motivate employees. A rewards program maintains high standards of behavior, motivates and rewards employees, and celebrates big victories publicly.

When praising someone professionally, what do you say?

A professional approach to praising a rising talent in an employee recognition award letter:
  • Consider the recipient when sending a message. Depending on who you are complimenting and their role in the organization, the manner and context of the compliment will differ.
  • When it's appropriate, give a compliment.
  • Don't forget to be specific with your compliments.
  • Give a brief description of the impact.
  • Don't lose sight of professionalism.
Employee recognition programs serve what purpose?

Recognizing employees and teams within your organization allows them to know that they have made a significant contribution. Recognizing employees allows leaders to acknowledge their team members, peers to acknowledge one another, and cross-team recognition to occur.

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