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Background Investigator Job Description

What does a background investigator do? What are the duties and responsibilities of an investigator? Download Background Investigator Job Description right now!

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Background investigators do investigations for any organization and corporation to check for any kind of wrong and misreported information regarding the previous education, history, employment, or credit. They investigate the hiring staff for any kind of corruption being done. 

What does a background investigator do?

If you want to become a background investigator following are mentioned the duties and tasks of the background investigator.

  1. They critically analyze the potential hiring staff and employees of an organization to check for any kind of false information provided by them.
  2. They check and confirm for the education of the employees, any kind of previous criminal record, previous employment record of the workers.
  3. They analyze the data of the employees that are available publicly by credit databases and law enforcement, and different media resources. 
  4. They also analyze the hiring applications critically to check the truthfulness of the information provided by the applicant. 
  5. They also conduct interviews of the organizations and parties associated with the applicant to check for any falsehood of the information to uncover it. Sometimes background investigators may also conduct a direct interview of the applicant to remove any kind of confusion and ambiguity. 
  6. After analyzing the applicant information critically, they prepare a report of it to present to hiring managers, directors, and hiring staff. These reports highlight false information and any issue regarding the applicant to evaluate his or her candidature. 

Background Investigator Job Description:

If you are a hiring agency, and looking for immediate hire, but don’t have the time to draft the job description, we got your back. Here is written a sample job description that you may use in your job post. 

Background investigators work for corporations and other organizations, primarily conducting background checks on potential hires to discover false or misreported information related to previous employment, criminal history, education, or credit. This role requires thorough investigative skills and a high level of data analysis, as well as the ability to independently verify the information.

 While background investigators primarily research potential hires, many organizations also employ investigators to research businesses during due diligence procedures before a merger or acquisition to identify potential liabilities or information that can impact the sale or transfer.


  • Reviews completed background interview forms of public safety candidates with each candidate, checking for inconsistencies, errors, omissions, falsifications, and minimum requirements to ensure accuracy and completion before beginning the initial candidate interview.
  • Obtains and reviews records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, and State and Municipal law enforcement records, where the candidate has resided to determine if the candidate was a witness, victim, suspect, or perpetrator of any crime.
  • Obtains and reviews arrest reports, witness statements, and other relevant documents to determine candidate compliance with Civil Service Commission policies.
  • Obtains and reviews reports from credit reporting agencies to evaluate candidates’ financial responsibility.
  • Conducts background investigations by interviewing employers, co-workers, neighbors, law enforcement officials, military personnel, members of the candidate’s family, and personal references.
  • Makes additional inquiries to assist in determining the credibility of statements.
  • Observe each person being interviewed for the presence or absence of physical indicators of intoxication, the use of controlled substances, truthfulness, etc.
  • Prepares detailed and complete interview statements for each person being interviewed to allow a reviewer to draw reasonable and logical conclusions about the prospective candidates.
  • Prepares final background investigation package for presentation to supervision and management by organizing all investigative material by established procedures.
  • Meets regularly with management and/or candidate to keep them apprised of the status of the investigation.

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