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A free to download issue tracker template in Excel. Keep track of all the issues within your project.

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Ticket tracking is one of the most important factors in running a strong helpdesk or project, but small or one-person IT teams don’t have the luxury of a robust ticketing system—they’re over-complicated, and often too pricey for small scale use. Try out this Excel Ticket Tracker template.

Track your issues as they arise with this easy to use Excel template. Define the priority of each issue, assign to key people within your organization and check off when complete. Issues might be problems and with this issue tracking template you have the means and overview to solve those problems efficiently. As for example your team scales to meet a growing customer base, you will need a solution to organize incoming service requests.

Why do your need to track your issues?

A bug or issue tracking solution whether it is a simple Excel file or an online cloud solution, allows you to rapidly access answers and information and maintain a dashboard for tracking the history of issues and solutions. This makes creating reports, monitoring issues, and sharing information far easier. You can monitor any action that has been taken on an issue. When issues are raised, there are three main challenges faced by managers:

  1. Capturing the issues.
  2. Acting on the issues.
  3. Reporting back about the issues.

The last point is critical and one of the most frequent complaints from internal and external customers. It is not unusual to hear that issues and bugs just go into some kind of black hole. A well designed issue tracking Excel file or customer service software are therefor the key!

This Excel sheet is easy to use and print ready. You can easily manage a small support team and keep track of each of tickets being submitted.

What are the 3 best issue tracking solutions this year?

It can be that after using the Excel file for tracking, tracing and reporting you might be looking for a more scalable solution. Below a list of some of the best issue tracking software solutions in the market. When selecting your solution it is important to look at features the solutions offers.

  • Jira is a tracker for teams planning & building great products. Thousands of organizations choose Jira to capture & organize issues, assign work, & follow team activity. It is one of the leaders in tracking software.
  • Freshdesk is a cloud-based, omnichannel customer service software for businesses of all sizes, with solutions that increase agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Zendesk makes it simple to track every customer issue from all of your channels. Both service representatives and customers get a live view of how a support ticket is advanced and resolved in issue tracking software.

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