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Senior Finance Executive sample cover letter

How to draft a Senior Finance Executive sample cover letter? Check out these writing tips to create a Senior Finance Executive cover letter for your convenience

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Finance analysts are responsible for managing the profit and finance of an organization. They are also accountable for the homogeneity and liquidity of an organization’s profit and sales to maintain the best revenue. 

Writing tips to create a Senior Finance Executive cover letter:

Below are mentioned some duties of a senior finance executive:

  1. Monitor all the finance-related business
  2. Analyze all the financial statistics
  3. Make a thorough research to improve the performance of a country 
  4. Predict all the financial features
  5. Monitor all the ongoing trends in the market
  6. Deal with the monthly payments of all the workers in the organization

Below are mentioned some worthy tips which you can follow while writing a senior finance analyst’s cover letter:

  1. In the first part of the letter, properly introduce yourself, and write about your purpose of the letter.
  2. In the next part, mention that why you are a good fit for the specific job.
  3. Write about your past experiences and mention what difference did you make in the previous job.
  4. Explain yourself in a way that doesn’t show that you need a job. Write in a way that company needs a person not you need a company.
  5. End your letter by providing your contact details in case the company wants to contact you back for the interview.

Samples for Senior finance Executive cover letter:

For your help and ease, we are providing you a sample cover letter for the post of senior finance manager. You can either use the below-mentioned sample categorized line or even download the whole letter for free from our website.


This part includes the address, line by line, with the proper dates.


Introductory lines include the purpose of your letter. Below are mentioned some lines for your reference:

  • As a senior finance & accounts professional with over {{Number of years}} years of experience across diverse organizations; having significant exposure in various aspects of finance & accounts, general administration amongst others, I present herewith, my candidature to work with your company, in a Managerial role and add value to the operations.
  • {{Company Name}} caught my attention recently as I began a search for a new employer in {{City}}. Your organization has created a setting in which people can excel, which is why I write to you today. I am very interested in joining your team and I am confident that my background and experience in Finance will meet your future needs.
  • I am writing to apply for the Finance Manager or Senior Finance Executive position with your organization.
  • Concerning the above-mentioned subject, attached is my CV for your perusal.
  • Your announcement for Senior Financial Officer caught my attention because my background appears to parallel your needs.

Body/main text:

The body part includes all the relevant details of your job application letter. Do not forget to relate your past experiences with the open job in your cover letter. Here are some samples:

  • Presently associated as Accounts Section Manager with {{Company Name}}. I am involved in managing all financial reporting, cost control, budgeting, and forecasting, and directing the implementation of a new ERP system. Develop and maintain internal control procedures to safeguard financial assets as well as Implement operational best practices.
  • I am a financial professional with over {{Number Of years}} years of experience. I am an ACCA (UK) Finalist and hold a B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Accounting from __________ University. I have great exposure to a computerized accounting environment and well-versed in ERP, Tally, and Peachtree. My knowledge of the ins and outs of finance is vast, and I thoroughly enjoy the work. As the Finance Manager with my current employer, I maintain company-wide financial records oversee audits, manage the finance staff, and communicate financial status reports to key players. I have a strong grasp of finance procedures as well as the laws and governance surrounding corporate finance. My analytic time-management and communication skills are excellent allowing me to manage the numerous duties of Finance Manager with ease.
  • Looking to utilize relevant work experience to secure a role as a Senior Finance Executive for a leading Finance organization. As explained in my CV, you will find a solid experience in Finance with more than {{Number of years}} years as a Senior Finance Executive. In this capacity, I have established a proficiency in Finance. I am self-assured that my knowledge in these areas will prove to be an advantage to {{Company Name}}. The following skills in Finance and characteristics are reason to take a closer look at my credentials: {{List your achievements}}
  • With a total of {{Number of years}} years of experience working in this profile as an Accounts Manager, I feel I am the most suitable candidate for this job profile. I begin my career at the most basic level of accounting, as an accounting clerk. I had put in a lot of hard work to reach this position of an Accounting Manager. I am aware of all the intricacies of accounting and could be very helpful as far as the firm’s success is concerned. I would be happy to meet you in person for an interview to discuss this further. 
  • Please refer to the enclosed CV for a summary of my qualifications. I am sure you have been flooded with hundreds of qualified applicants. Please allow me to explain why you would want to call me first. As explained in my CV, you will find a solid experience in Finance with more than {{number of years}} years as a Senior Financial Officer. In this capacity, I have established a proficiency in Finance. I am self-assured that my knowledge in these areas will prove to be an advantage to {{Organization Name}}. My experience and achievements in Finance include: {{List your achievements}}

Complimentary Close:

End the letter with a few acknowledgment lines. It just shows your concern and attitude towards the job. Some samples are written below:

  • An interview to investigate your requirements and my qualifications further would be commonly beneficial. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration.
  • I would truly look forward to bringing these skills to your organization. I believe you will find my credentials and personal qualities will more than meet your expectations and I’m confident I would be a productive addition to your staff as a senior finance professional. I have attached my CV herewith for your kind reference.
  • I am also delighted to inform you that your job requirements perfectly match my qualification and skills. 
  • I have enclosed a CV that will highlight and support my objectives. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and exchange ideas. I will call you over the next few days to make an appointment. If you prefer, you may reach me or leave a message at {{mobile}}.


Mark your personal signatures at the end of the letter. You can either handwrite them after printing the cover letter or you may insert scanned signatures directly in the soft form of the letter.

These are some sample Finance Executive cover letters for your guideline and help. You can print these letters after freely downloading from our website and making certain required edits as per your requirements. Head towards our website for more useful letters.

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