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Biopsychosocial Assessment

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The Biopsychosocial assessment is an assessment typically administered by therapists and instructors at the beginning of the operation. It assesses biological, psychological, and social factors that can contribute to a client’s problem or problems. It’s considered a holistic evaluation, looking at a customer on all varying levels.

How do you use a Biopsychosocial assessment?

A comprehensive social history report should have the following characteristics and components:   

1. Objectivity – Use language that is descriptive and specific rather than judgmental and value-laden.  Use open-ended questions whenever possible. 

2. Accuracy – Pay careful attention to the accuracy of your information.  For information obtained directly from a client or their family member, it is imperative that you report this information as such. If you obtained documentation from a reliable professional source, which documents a specific aspect of a client’s history, you should cite the source of the information and use the language in the report rather than interpret the information.  

3. Conciseness – Be as concise as possible in your narrative.  Avoid redundancy and unnecessary words. 

4. Clarity and simplicity – Use language that a wide variety of readers will understand rather than the use of technical words or “pseudo jargon.”  5. Relevancy – Be careful to document only information that is relevant to the situation.  Do not include information that may be interesting, but has no relevance to the presenting problem or services recommended.

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