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A donation or sponsorship letter is a request letter sent to individuals, groups or organization requesting monetary or no monetary contributions. A solicitation letter’s purpose is to receive donations, often for direct donations or invite people for a fundraising event. 

How do you write a letter asking for Sponsorship for school?

Donation or sponsorship letters are written for a variety of reasons, to raise funds, financial support for good causes and nonprofit projects, or sell goods, get grants from authorities, get volunteers, participate in a campaign or sponsorship for charity work. The best solicitation letters are written in a persuasive way, so they get their attention, presence, and donation. A successful solicitation letter is used for sending requests to people and organizations and firstly provides a summary of the goals and achievements of the organization, and provides essential information about your event plans, charity programs, and activities. Follow the suggestions to be sure your letter will stand out. Writing suggestions and essential elements that a writer needs to compose a perfect solicitation letter:

  • Purpose of your solicitation letter;
  • Heartfelt and appeal to the heart;
  • Worthy a noble purpose of donation;
  • Explain how the donations will be utilized effectively;
  • Mention the target of the fundraising (exact amount);
  • Provide clear and specific information about the donation forms and how to complete the donation process;
  • Make sure your donation letters stand out;
  • Mention Benefits, a win-win situation for the focus group, as well as for the donors;
  • Personalize the letter to the donors;
  • Make it seasonal, connect it for example to Christmas;
  • Add a special touch, surprise if they attend the event;
  • Proofread Carefully by yourself or a third party;
  • Brief, preferably one page in length;
  • Clean, error-free, and easy to read;
  • Structured and written to highlight your strengths.

See sample donation / sponsorship request letter for school template below:

Sponsorship Request Letter School template:

Dear {{Name}}, 

At {{your school’s name}}, we focus on providing students with the best education possible. No matter where they want to excel, we strive to make sure all our students have the tools and resources they need to prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce.

Of course, none this would be possible without the generous support form our community. With past donations we have been able to {{describe a project you were able to complete or a program that was realized because of past contributions}}.

To continue offering our students a top-notch education, we would like to {{mention the project/ reason why you are raising funds}}.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could contribute {{amount to our school.

If you wish to support us, please visit our online donation page {{link to page}} or send the attached   form with your donation to {{school’s address}}.

All of us at {{school name}} want to thank you in advance for your contribution!

Yours sincerely,

This donation / sponsorship request letter for school template is created in Microsoft word format, and changing it is easy and convenient. You can use this letter directly after downloading and without paying any charges. This model solicitation letter will not let you start from scratch to compose the perfect solicitation letter for your event or cause. Download it directly to your harddrive.

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