salary increase letter (tips & sample letter) template

Salary Increase Letter (Tips & Sample Letter)

How to write a perfect Salary Increase Letter (Tips, Sample Letter) Opening line for asking for a raise: With due respect I sincerely appreciate the opportunity

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At some point in life, you may want or feel forced to ask for a salary increase, especially when you feel like you deserve one. This happens when you feel confident that you can provide your employer with a strong case for the raise you want to ask for, you can express yourself in writing through a salary increase letter. There are times when you need extra money, especially when you are achieving a new milestone in your life. Starting a family for example or organizing a hastily planned wedding. Your salary will definitely not be able to pay for all the arrangements, so you will need to look elsewhere. 

How to write a perfect Salary Increase Letter (Tips & Sample Letter)

One way to get extra money is to ask your employer. This letter will formalize your request and increase the chances of getting what you want and it explains why you need the money and that you intend to pay it all back. It also requests your employer to be discreet. You should always be polite when writing such a letter. Even when you're on great terms with your boss.

Example of an opening line for asking for a raise: 

With due respect, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served during the last years as a vital member of the management team. My focus and dedication have resulted in many accomplishments that have continued to build a community. I have high expectations for success to continue for the foreseeable future.

Further information you could consider for your salary increase request:

During the past year, I took on extra work and more responsibilities because I know that my performance is closely tied to the team’s performance. Here are some highlights of how I have improved the company in the past year:

  • Specify a few items where you have saved or generated income.
  • Use quantitative stats and numbers to prove growth, when possible.

Considering my accomplishments, I am respectfully requesting a pay raise of a certain amount annually, to the starting date. I strongly feel that I have earned this pay raise. If you do not feel that way, I understand. However, I would like for you to give me a path, to reach my goals and achieve an annual income I feel I deserve this. If you would like to meet to discuss this, please let me know. Please know that I am aware of the multitude of non-monetary benefits this job offers and am extremely grateful for your generosity. It is nice to have a supervisor that fully trusts and stands behind my choices and decisions. I view my increase in responsibilities as an act of trust in my abilities and belief in my potential. This only increases my self-confidence and is a driving force to my never-ending quest to deliver the best results. Thank you very much in advance for this favor. You have my gratitude.

Using this sample request letter template is going to allow you to save considerable time and effort. You will be able to concentrate on the meeting that is yet to come, where you will discuss this issue, instead of wasting time on a difficult letter.

How to Ask for a Raise? 

Download this sample Application to ask for a higher salary to win time and to send your letter or email as soon as possible. In the worst-case scenario, if you don't get a raise and you cannot switch jobs in a short time, but still need the extra money, ask if they can lend you the money and you can then decide among yourselves how and when you will pay the money back. 

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