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Exit Survey Questionnaire

What is an exit interview questionnaire? This sample questionnaire template can be easily used and edited according to your needs.

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When an employee announces his resignation, it's common to hold an exit interview with HR to discuss the reasons for leaving. During such a meeting, there are some important questions to ask.

What is an exit interview questionnaire?

An exit interview is a meeting between an employee who is leaving the company and (usually) a member of the human resources department. Exit interviews provide you with the opportunity to learn more about why an employee leaves, which can provide you with important feedback that you can use to improve the workplace for your team members and future employees. During such a meeting, an exit interview questionnaire is used, which is an overview with questions given to an employee leaving a company and during the meeting information is  gathered in order to get a full overview on how the employee feels about their time at your company, why they're leaving, and how your company can improve the workplace for employees.
Exit Interview Questionnaire Sheet
  • Did you find your job or your work challenging and rewarding? Why?
  • Are there any security issues we should be aware of?
  • Were the working conditions, hours, equipment and facilities fair and adequate?
  • Do you believe you were paid what you are worth?
  • Did you receive adequate training for your job?
  • Did you feel that you were treated fairly by your supervisor?
  • Did you feel secure in your job? Why or why not?
  • Were Company policies and procedures explained to you?
  • Did your job turn into what was described to you during the job interview process?

The exit interview should be completed on the employee’s last day of employment. An exit interview should be performed by a representative of human resources with every employee who resigns from their position. If no, please explain. The exit interview is the final chance to share your thoughts and feelings about your workplace, boss, and company policies. It's also an opportunity for you to provide honest feedback about what you do like and don't like about the job. This feedback can be invaluable in helping improve the work environment for future employees. Completing an exit questionnaire is vital for employees who are leaving due to resignation, retirement, or redundancy. The questionnaire provides valuable feedback about the employee's experience and reasons for leaving.

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