preschool addition worksheet - write and count activities template

Preschool Addition Worksheet - Write and Count Activities

Get your little ones engaged with our Preschool Addition Worksheet! Help them practice basic addition skills by counting, writing, and finding the sum. Download the PDF now!

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Are you looking for a fun and educational way to introduce addition to your preschooler? Look no further! At, we have a preschool addition worksheet that is perfect for helping your child develop their counting and math skills. It's designed to make learning exciting and interactive, making it ideal for preschool-aged children.

What is a Preschool Addition Worksheet?

A preschool addition worksheet is a simple and engaging tool that helps young children understand the concept of addition. It typically includes sets of objects or pictures that children need to count and write down the corresponding numbers. They then add the numbers together to find the sum and write it in the designated box.

The Benefits of Using Preschool Addition Worksheets

Using preschool addition worksheets offers several benefits for your child's learning and development:

  • Name Recognition: The worksheet encourages children to write their name at the top, promoting name recognition and writing skills.
  • Counting Practice: By counting the objects or pictures provided, children enhance their counting abilities and build a strong foundation for future math skills.
  • Introduction to Addition: The addition component of the worksheet introduces young learners to the concept of combining sets and finding the total.
  • Writing Skills: Writing the numbers and the sum in the designated boxes helps improve fine motor skills and handwriting.
  • Visual Learning: The visual representation of objects or pictures makes it easier for children to understand abstract mathematical concepts.

Download Your Preschool Addition Worksheet

Make learning math enjoyable for your preschooler with our preschool addition worksheet. It's a great way to engage your child while fostering important math skills in a fun and interactive manner. Download the worksheet in PDF format from today and let the learning begin!

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