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Employee Discipline Letter Template

What should be included in an employee discipline letter?

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Employee conduct warning letters are documents issued by employers to notify employees of violations of company policy. The purpose of a warning is to inform employees of their unacceptable behavior, poor performance or behavior, and the consequences of their actions. If an employee continues to violate company policy after a verbal warning, they will be notified in writing to protect the company from future disputes.

What should be included in an employee discipline letter?

A warning letter is a formal letter from an employer or manager to an employee of an organization as a means of communication. Warning letters (to students, teachers, etc.) are also issued by schools, universities, government agencies, business organizations, etc. as a disciplinary measure. The main purpose of a warning letter is to let people know about their mistakes and what needs to be corrected when there is room for improvement. When you noticed that an employee is not respecting the procedures and rules prescribed by the company for their staff while carrying out their duties at the workplace, it's important to give a verbal and written warning. The warning letter should clearly describe the problem caused by the employee in order to provide the employee with a fair and reasonable opportunity to change their course of action. Companies can address employee-related issues by issuing a warning letter and taking corrective action. More specifically, when you find staff in violation of guidelines for Employees at Work Handbook, which was handed over to you during their onboarding procedure, they need to be properly informed and it must been registered in your HR systems.

Employee Discipline Letter Template

Guidelines for writing a discipline letter to your employee:

  • Determine the reason for writing the warning. There will be an outcome for your warning, either you want to improve the employee's behavior or are you paving the groundwork for termination.
  • Discuss the situation with others at the management level so you can get some useful insights. Determine who will actually write the letter and who will deliver it.
  • You wrote a warning that could become a legal document, so you should always use formal guidelines. This will ensure that your written warnings are taken seriously and have the desired effect.
  • Violating company policy can lead to termination of employment. If you have an employee handbook, copy the policy or policies the employee broke and include it in your warning letter.
  • Make sure to include all of the important details in your description of the incident, including when it happened, what transpired, and who was involved. This will help ensure that your account is convincing and persuasive.

See sample warning letter to employee below:

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

I am writing you this letter as a written warning for your inappropriate behavior at the workplace. Although we have issued several verbal warnings to you, it seems that they have fallen on deaf ears. Please take this as an official written warning, and if you don’t take it seriously, it will be followed by your dismissal from the company.

You present yourself for work late without even giving a valid excuse, you take leave without informing your superiors and your behavior with your co-workers is unacceptable. We have more applicants who would love to be in your position and we would also like to give the job to someone who deserves it and appreciates it. So please keep this warning in mind before you indulge in such behavior again.

Yours sincerely,


If you're looking for a way to discipline an employee, our Employee Discipline Letter Template is the perfect solution. This letter template is designed to help you quickly and easily create a professional, legally-binding letter. This letter is easy to customize and ready to be sent after your amendments. Go to our website for more termination letters. Download this Employee Discipline Letter Template and let your employee know that you don't appreciate their behavior. Print out your Warning letter template now, in order to make sure you will grab your readers’ attention! Fast, safe and easy!

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