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Acceptance resignation letter

What do I put in a resignation acceptance letter? When writing an acceptance letter, check out and download this sample resignation letter now.

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The employee sends a letter of resignation to the employer, and if the employer accepts the resignation submitted by the employee, he will write a letter of acceptance of resignation and then relieve the employee of responsibility. It is also up to the employer to accept the resignation if an employee working in the organization resigns for personal reasons. The employer will need to write a reply to let them know that you accept their resignation. It's best to do so in a kind and respectful manner, which they will appreciate greatly.

How to write a resignation acceptance letter?

When an employee resigns leaving an organization, he or she will send in a resignation letter, commonly with a notice period. It's best to provide a preliminary acknowledgment verbally in a meeting, or via email. This is also called a resignation acceptance letter, which is basically a short formal letter from the employer to an employee that confirms the resignation and provides details about the last working day and the exit interview. The way to respond depends on the behavior and the relationship with your employee. We can assume, that if your employee quits without notice, you might be more surprised and would like to have a discussion in person first before accepting the resignation formally by email.

What to include in a Resignation acknowledgement letter to your employee? 

In general, the following details should be included when you provide a decent resignation acceptance response letter, sent by the board or the HR manager:

  • Heading- Address the letter properly to the employee that is resigning.
  • Salutation- Use formal salutation .  Commonly start with ' Dear Mr.' or 'Dear Ms.'
  • Body- Use professional language, state your acceptance and all resignation requirements.
  • Closing- Include a thank you note. End on a warm note.

First, before you start working, open the professional format with the letterhead of your company, and follow the visual identity style of your company. Since it’s a formal response in a business letter, best to follow all these etiquettes we are providing to you.

Below is a free Employee Relieving Sample letter:

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

This refers to your letter of resignation dated {{date}}.

We accept your resignation with regret, and in accordance with your contract with us, you shall be released with effect from the close of working hours of {{date}}. 

In case you leave us earlier than this date, the consequent shortfall in notice period shall be adjusted from your final settlement. 

You will hand over charges to Mr./Mrs. {{Name}} or any other officer that the Company may designate. 

Your exit formalities shall be done in accordance with the laid down process of the Company. 

We wish you all the best in your future career. 

Please sign the duplicate copy of the letter as a token of hereby received and accepted this communication.

Yours sincerely,


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