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Job Interview Confirmation Letter

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In the recruitment process, an invitation for a job interview is only sent to those applicants that were selected by the HR manager and management. It's a follow-up letter after the acknowledgment letter was already sent that the job application was received successfully. The best letters to job candidates are professionally and formally written.

How do you write a confirmation email for job interview?

Such letters play an important role as they indicate that you as a company value the time and effort invested by the applicant. A job interview confirmation letter is a formal acceptance that invites the applicant to come to the office to discuss further. It often follows up on a verbal agreement that a candidate, who is going through the job application, is welcome to come to visit.

This letter is to confirm you will hold job interviews between two parties. People usually use this type of letter to record and confirm specific tasks. Confirmation letters are used by hiring managers/HR/HR directors in various businesses or organizations to confirm the details of job interviews after candidates are selected for the job. By using this application confirmation template, it's easy to inform job candidates that you have successfully received their application for one of your open job vacancies. Prompt communication during the hiring process will help to leave a positive job candidate experience with your company, whatever the outcome may be.

The purpose of the confirmation letter is to verify certain details as required or to recognize the previously agreed terms. For instance, if you are writing a job interview confirmation letter, what information needs to be included to confirm? Date, time, location, name, and phone of contact, directions to interview location. So different kinds of confirmation letters contain different detailed contents. 

When responding to the job applicants to confirm the job interview, consider including the following:

  • Use proper address and salutation for the candidate;
  • There's no need for introductions.
  • Start by congratulating the candidate for having the interview;
  • Confirm date of interview of providing a few suggestions;
  • Make the letter short, clear, and to the point avoid providing unnecessary details;
  • Provide more information about the job position;
  • Include important information which the sender may need to know such as the most important job criteria;
  • Wish the job applicants good luck and thank them for the time and effort spent so far;
  • End on a positive note;
  • Send receipts as soon as the decision to interview was made, which can help in building goodwill and trust.

We provide this standardized Job Interview Confirmation Letter template with text and formatting to help you finish your document faster. If time or quality is of the essence, this ready-made template can help you to save time and to focus on what really matters! Confirmation letters save time and are used for communication and transmission of specific information. Download this Sample Job Interview Confirmation Letter template now for your own benefit now! And after downloading you can write and customize every detail of its appearance very quickly.

If you want more samples of confirmation letters, just browse through our search bar. We hope these confirmation letter templates will be helpful to you.

Check out this sample Job Interview Confirmation Letter template now, download and personalize it and send it directly to those job candidates that you selected for the interview. Alternatively to this letter, it's polite to send a rejection letter as well as an employer. If the candidate has been rejected, communicate this assertively and invite him/her to apply in the future.

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