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Sample cover letter to a recruiter

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A cover letter is a document that contains a brief list of your qualifications and achievements along with your CV. A cover letter sometimes is also called a job application letter.

What to write in a cover letter to a recruiting agency?

When you are applying for a job, make sure you do not use the same cover letter for all kinds of jobs. Instead, you should make all letters separately relative to the job. While writing such job letters, you need to stay specific and focused. Try to match your skills with that required in the job posting or study about the company rules and relate yourself in the cover letter.

Below are mentioned useful tips on how to write an effective cover letter to a recruiter or hiring manager:

  • Recipient’s name:

While you write a cover letter, one of the best options is to avoid writing “to whom it may concern”. Instead, you should search for the recipient’s name and directly mention his/her name in the cover letter. this might be a little hectic but worth it in getting a positive position in the of recruiter. 

If you do not find his/her name, try to call or email the company for the purpose of knowing.

  • Search about the job:

Before writing a cover letter, one of the best tricks to get positive feedback is to answer the questions that could be possibly required to do the job. There might be some general questions in your mind like work with the team or work as an individual, kind of person whom you’ll be reporting to, what kind of nature they require for employees, and so on. You may want to answer these points in your job application letter for the best outcome.

  • Search about the company rules:

When you write a cover letter, you must be aware of the company’s rules and regulations. By reading the rule book, you can have an idea that what kind of employee the company wants and then you can relate yourself to that person in order to secure a good position in the basket of cover letters.

Samples of Cover letters:

Writing a cover letter might be a hectic job. That is why we got our professional writers to write these cover letters for you. Below are mentioned some effective cover letter samples with proper part division. You can choose any of these you want and download it for free from our website.


This part includes the address, line by line, with the proper dates.


Introductory lines are the most important lines of a cover letter. Introductory lines are the first impression. These lines include the purpose of your letter. You can choose any of these sample lines for your ease.

  1. As a highly-skilled professional, I believe my experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking for your company, and I certain I can make a valuable addition to your organization.
  2. It is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV for your consideration. Application for possible vacant positions that would fit my qualification.
  3. A colleague of mine, {{name}}, recommended your company to me as you recently assisted her in a strategic career move. I understand that your company specializes in the {{industry}} field.
  4. As a skillful professional with {{Number of years}} years of outstanding track record in the {{industry}} field, I believe that I have unique talents that could benefit organizations of all sizes. I have attached for your review a CV that briefly summarizes my professional history.
  5. I am writing to express my interest in joining your company for the vacant related position. I am confident that I will be an addition to your already professional team and be able to further my career in a reputable and well-established organization such as your company.

Body/main text:

The body part of a letter is the most important part of any letter’s content. This part serves to be the deciding part in a job letter for whether you are getting a job or not.

  1. My record of academic achievements and professional career history demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable employee. My work experience has equipped me with enough skills and knowledge for whatever duties that may be assigned to me if given the chance to be employed in your company. My CV/Resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.
  2. Through my work experience, I have been trained the possessing a strong commitment to achieving the long-term goals of the organization, I realize the need to work in a profound manner especially planning and directing the day-to-day operations of the company. Furthermore, I have a proven ability to build up innovative strategies to improve customer service and maximize profitability. I have a proven track record of ensuring customer requirements are met, complaints are resolved effectively, and service is provided in a speedy and efficient manner. I am a hands-on leader who develops a good rapport with my staff and a working environment. I am always ready to think “out of the box” to make sure my company is a step ahead of the competitors. The position of a manager professional at your company will provide me with a chance to contribute to your success as a leader.
  3. A skillful {{job title}} with proven track record with numerous {{industry}} companies in the past {{Number of years}} years. I am confident that all this experience enables me to excel in any relevant role. I possess all the essential and desired skills that will have a positive influence on this company. Among my accomplishments in {{industry}}, I include: {{List of significant achievements, qualifications, and career highlights}}
  4. An experienced {{job title}} having a {{college degree}} in {{major}} with strong background in {{industry}}. This combination has enabled me to regularly outperform in all positions leading up to my current professional status. The following skills in {{industry}} and characteristics are reason to take a closer look at my credentials: {{List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights}}. Qualifications I can bring to your clients are listed in the enclosed CV. Given my technical skills, familiarity with the product line, and understanding of your clients' needs, I could step into the position and be of direct assistance. Please contact me at my home phone number to organize a suitable time to meet. 
  5. I sincerely hope that you will find my attached Resume' meets the position requirements. Please feel free to contact me at any time asking for an interview to expose and discuss my credentials and strengths. I am ready to apply my Experience in any industrial or service sector.

Complimentary close:

Do not forget to write acknowledgments to the recipient for getting a chance to apply in a job application as well as compliment them for taking some time out and reading your job application.

  1. Thank you for your time and consideration. My contact Numbers are {{Contact number}}. I look forward of speaking with you soon. Yours sincerely,
  2. I am looking forward to meeting you to further discussion of my application for this exciting position.
  3. I would enjoy talking to you in person to explore potential opportunities and how I can best serve someone's needs. Please call or e-mail me to arrange a fitting time for us to meet. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking to you soon.
  4. Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
  5. Thanks for your time and for considering this letter.


There must be a handwritten signature of you at the bottom of the cover letter. you can either sign after printing the document or maybe add a scanned signature in the word document. 

Freely download these sample letters. You can use and edit these documents in Microsoft Word format. If these letters are not according to your situation and needs, then please head on to our website for more letters.

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