performance review examples - total, average & divide template

Performance Review Examples - Total, Average & Divide

Improve your team's performance with our professionally designed Performance Review Examples. Get insights about individual contribution & determine average work results. Download our PDF templates to get started.

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Performance reviews are an essential part of employee evaluation and development. They provide valuable feedback to both employees and managers, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses and establish goals for improvement. In this article, we'll provide some examples of performance review assessments and how to evaluate an employee's performance effectively.

What Are Performance Review Examples?

Performance review examples are a collection of statements or phrases used to evaluate an employee's work performance. The statements can be both positive and negative and reflect the employee's overall performance over a set period. Examples of performance review statements include:

  • Consistently exceeds performance expectations
  • Shows initiative and takes on new tasks willingly
  • Has excellent communication skills and collaborates well with others
  • Needs to improve time management skills and meet deadlines consistently
  • Occasionally falls short of quality standards

How to Evaluate an Employee's Performance?

When evaluating an employee's performance, it's essential to consider both quantitative and qualitative measures. Quantitative measures can include targets achieved, sales figures, or other numerical data, while qualitative measures consider the overall quality of the employee's work and their contributions to the team. Here's how to approach the evaluation:

  1. Start with Objectives: Define the employee's overall objectives for the year, so both the employee and manager are clear about what is expected.
  2. Review Work Quality: Evaluate the quality of the employee's work, including attention to detail, customer service, and communication skills. Assess whether work is completed efficiently.
  3. Consider Feedback from Others: Employee performance should not be evaluated based solely on the manager's feedback. Take into account feedback from co-workers and other stakeholders to get a more comprehensive view of the employee's strengths and areas of opportunity.
  4. Provide Actionable Feedback: During the performance review, provide specific feedback on areas of improvement and set goals to support employee development. Develop a plan for achieving these goals, suggesting ways to foster employee's growth and development.

Get Your Performance Review Examples

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