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A personal statement plays a very crucial role in getting admission to a medical school. It adds to your application's worth and plays a pivotal role in medical school decision-making. You can write anything in the personal statement but make sure to focus on your interests in the study program, institution, and professor of your choice. The purpose of the personal statement is to show the interest of the student towards medical study and it also helps the administrators to evaluate the candidature of the students for the medical study program. If you are planning to get admission to a medical school, do not forget to write the personal statement along with the application. 

How to write a personal statement for medical school?

  1. Below is mentioned the method to write an appealing personal statement for medical school.
  2. A brief intriguing introduction that gets the attention of the administration officers
  3. Mention your previous educational and practical medical background that will increase the worth of your application
  4. Explain your interests in the medical school study
  5. Explain your future goals and relate them to medical school study, your narrative should be very convincing
  6. The end of the personal statement should be optimistic, satisfactory, and concluding for the reader. 

Personal Statement Medical School:

Here is the attached Personal Statement Medical School for your help and needs. 

Every day there are thousands of choices to be made, from what to wear to how our actions will affect our future career choices. I have always felt that each decision that I made contributes to my future in some way, and I believe that this can be strongly applied in the field of medicine. Each action that we take impacts us on a cellular level in some way. Whether that effect will result in aberrant pathologies is the reason I became interested in medicine. I am applying to medical school so that I can become a physician that understands the molecular basis of disease and use that knowledge to treat patients.

During my undergraduate studies, I have had the opportunity to experience both basic science research as well as translational projects, and this has given e significant bench-to-bedside experience. My first two years in the lab were spent studying how new chemotherapeutic drugs affected the growth of tumor cells in a dish and assessing the molecular changes in these cells as they received the drug. For the next two years, I worked with actual patient tissue, and validate my results through analysis of biopsies and tumor sections. This experience showed me the type of work I would like to complete in my future work as a physician...

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