letter soliciting for help christmas template

Letter soliciting for help Christmas

How do you write a good letter asking for donations? Download this sample letter soliciting for help Christmas and use it for your benefits. Merry Christmas!

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When you working in an organization, such as an NGO, you are doing meaningful work, but there are not always sufficient funds for the important things. It's common, in difficult and festive times, to write to those who could support you by writing a Solicitation letter. 

How do you politely ask for donations for Christmas event? 

A solicitation letter’s purpose is to receive donations, often for direct donations or invite people for a fundraising event. They are written for a variety of reasons, to raise funds, financial support for good causes and nonprofit projects, or sell goods, get grants from authorities, get volunteers, participate in a campaign or sponsorship for charity work or welfare organizations. The best solicitation letters are written in a persuasive way, so they get their attention, presence, and donation. A successful solicitation letter is used for sending requests to people and organizations and firstly provides a summary of the goals and achievements of the organization, and provides essential information about your event plans, charity programs, and activities. Follow the suggestions to be sure your letter will stand out. In such a letter you ask to support the company and its cause/project/etc. In general, it's best to just ask for small donations that can truly help to accomplish the task and reach the goal. Explain how donations will be used and describe exactly what the contribution will be used for. It's always best to add a personal connection to tie the donor to the cause.

Writing suggestions and essential elements that a writer needs to compose a perfect solicitation letter

When writing a solicitation letter for donations or composing an attractive invite for your network to participate in your fundraising event, we suggest you have a look at the below donation letter samples and writing suggestions:

  1. Purpose of your solicitation letter;
  2. Heartfelt and appeal to the heart;
  3. Worthy a noble purpose of donation;
  4. Explain how the donations will be utilized effectively;
  5. Mention the target of the fundraising (exact amount);
  6. Provide clear and specific information about the donation forms and how to complete the donation process;
  7. Make sure your donation letters stand out;
  8. Mention Benefits, a win-win situation for the focus group, as well as for the donors;
  9. Personalize the letter to the donors;
  10. Make it seasonal, connect it for example to Christmas;
  11. Add a special touch, surprise if they attend the event;
  12. Proofread Carefully by yourself or a third party;
  13. Brief, preferably one page in length;
  14. Clean, error-free, and easy to read;
  15. Structured and written to highlight your strengths.

A solicitation letter is used for getting donations and fundraising for some events by organizations. This letter is used for sending requests to some organizations to raise funds for charity work and welfare organizations. Solicitation letter writing is the best way to provide donors all possible details about your nonprofit organization, good cause, or projects to get them funded. It sounds like a fundraising letter written by nonprofit organizations to donors. Such letters are used to raise funds for good causes and nonprofit projects. Model solicitation letters are obtainable here that have important contents of solicitation letters to draft such letters conveniently. Apart from the purpose of fundraising or donation, solicitation letters have some parts in common and our sample solicitation letters are written with all essential elements that a writer may need to compose a perfect solicitation letter.

Sample Solicitation letters

The essential information about event plans, charity programs, and activities include in this solicitation letter. 


  • Dear Mr./Mrs. Name,
  • Warmest greetings from us. 
  • I am writing this letter in anticipation of your valuable donation towards {{Name of the event}}. It is {{description of the event}}. 
  • Christmas is said to be a time to celebrate and I would like to grab this opportunity to request you to support “{{INSTITUTION/PROJECT}}” for the Christmas Celebrations.
  • This program is going to be held on 20th December at {{LOCATION}}.
  • The charity fundraising shall take place on 22nd December at {{LOCATION}}. 
  • I am writing this letter to you on behalf of our NGO to bring to your notice regarding the charity that we are raising to help the {{FOCUS GROUP}}.


  • {{INSTITUTION/PROJECT}} is a non-profitable organization, which provides shelter and looks after all {{FOCUS GROUP}}. 
  • The {{Name of your organization}} is a voluntary charitable institution. We work for {{MISSION STATEMENT INSTITUTION THAT IS SOLICITED FOR}}.
  • Like every year, we are planning to celebrate Christmas with all the members of our home.
  • Hence, I kindly request you to help us go about this program. You can help us in the form of donations.
  • We have had this plan for a while, to {{{DESCRIBE PLAN}}} and have been formulating the plan for the last few months.
  • However, what occasion better than {{EVENT}} to kick start this project?
  • In the past too, you have always supported {{MISSION STATEMENT}} and see it as the most important priority.
  • We plan to raise enough funds for {{MISSION STATEMENT INSTITUTION THAT IS SOLICITED FOR}} for {{FOCUS GROUP}}
  •  We usually organize some campaigns to appeal to many esteemed institutions like yours to extend their charity to support us in helping these {{FOCUS GROUP}}.
  • We hope you shall grace us with your presence and invite others to those who wish to make their willful contribution towards this move. 


  • This would help in reducing {{ISSUE}} to a great extent. However, for this to formulate, we need your fullest cooperation. 
  • We extend our warm welcome to you, to take part in our event.
  • We would greatly appreciate your kind donation towards this great cause.
  • Your help will surely reach out to the one who is in need.
  • In appreciation of your donation, we will give you a donation certificate and advertise your company on our event banners.
  • We will sincerely appreciate your generous contribution.
  • You may please feel comfortable to contact us for any additional information. 
  • We look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • You can help us in the form of a donation. We will sincerely appreciate your generous contribution.
  • With lots of love, Merry Christmas!

This sample solicitation letter can help someone a lot to write an effective solicitation letter shortly. It's a template created in Microsoft word format, and changing it is easy and convenient. You can use this letter directly after downloading and without paying any charges. This model solicitation letter will not let you start from scratch to compose the perfect solicitation letter for your event or cause. 

Check out this sample letter soliciting for help Christmas and use it for your benefits. Download this Christmas letter for help now. We wish you a successful event.

Merry Christmas!

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