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A chronological curriculum vitae.

A CV (Curriculum vitae), or CV for short, contains a comprehensive career with all your experiences in reverse chronological order. Like a chronological resume, you should start with your current or most recent job and work your way back to your first role.

  • Curriculum Vitae Profile example document template

    Curriculum Vitae Profile

    How do I write a good CV? Download this Curriculum Vitae Profile Template right now for free from our website.

  • Basic Chronological Resume Template example document template

    Basic Chronological Resume Template

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  • Paralegal Curriculum Vitae example document template

    Paralegal Curriculum Vitae

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  • A functional resume.

    A functional resume is a resume structure that emphasizes abilities over experience. A functional resume's objective is to attract attention to transferrable skills rather than a chronological review of your employment experience.

  • Restaurant Manager CV example document template

    Restaurant Manager CV

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  • House Keeping Resume example document template

    House Keeping Resume

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  • Computer Science Resume example document template

    Computer Science Resume

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  • A skills matrix.

    The next step in creating a successful competency matrix is ​​to list each team member and assess their current level of competency for each skill required to complete the project. You can assess their skills by asking them about their proficiency in each skill or taking an aptitude test. You will want to use a numerical system to clearly assess the skill proficiency of each employee. The following are examples of scoring systems that can be used:

  • Business Owner CV example document template

    Business Owner CV

    How do I write my own business on my CV? What should a business owner put on a Curriculum Vitae? Download this Business Owner resume template to learn more.

  • Babysitting Resume example document template

    Babysitting Resume

    What to say on a resume for babysitting? How do you describe babysitting experience? Download this Babysitting Resume Template for your reference.

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Resume example document template

    Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

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  • Pharmacist Resume example document template

    Pharmacist Resume

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