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What do you write in an email to a recruitment agency? Check out this sample letter to a recruitment agency which is very useful when you need a job.

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When submitting a resume to a recruitment agency, some agencies require a cover letter along with it while some do not. Writing a cover letter is really a tricky task especially when you must stand out from all other applicants. Even if your resume is eye-catching but still, a cover letter is another challenge to be accomplished. Keep reading for the guidelines. 

What do you write in an email to a recruitment agency?

Major techniques to write an eye-catching cover letter are written below by our experts. Follow these techniques for the best outcome.:

  1. Firstly, your resume contains all the qualifications which you have secured up till now. But all your relevant experiences and accomplishments in detail. In the cover letter, you must write about your attainments in such a way that you stand out at the top among all the applications in the job. In this context, we will guide you in the best possible way so that it becomes easy for you to write. 
  2. Stay concise: When writing a cover letter to a recruitment company, staying concise and compact is the key. Do not go into the explanations and details as this reduces the impact of a cover letter. stick to the point and never go into depth. We recommend this because recruiters are busy people and such detailed over written cover letters really do not seem appealing to them and because of this, your application might get rejected. That is why staying compact and brief is highly recommended. 
  3. Prefer writing in bullets and short paragraphs since the lengthier your paragraph, the lesser you get the chance to be stacked on top of all the competent applications. Writing about your vast skills and achievements relevant to the job may really attract the recruiter. 
  4. While for the formatting of a cover letter, make sure you include your contact information. Apart from that, write about what you really are seeking and how is this job best suitable for your needs and commands. Must include your revenue expectations. Other than that, write about the side tasks which you can offer depending upon your situation for example traveling to various cities or maybe abroad.
  5. Mention that when will you be available for the interview in case the company wants to conduct it. Do not force anything and leave everything else for the best of you.
  6. Always call the recruiter and speak in person. Some people say, if you did not call the hiring company, you didn't apply for a job at all.

Samples for Letter to recruitment agency:

While writing a cover letter, one might face some difficulties. So, for your ease, we are providing some praiseworthy samples of cover letters to recruitment agencies. You can download these for free from our website and can use them as they are after certain edits and changes as per your requirements.


This part includes the address, line by line, with the proper dates.


Introductory lines are the first impression. These lines include the purpose of your letter. You can choose any of these sample lines for your ease. Below are attached some sample introductory lines:

  1. You have lately helped one of my friends sign a very nice job offer with a well-established employer. He had nothing but utmost praise for you and your exceptional services. I was interested and encouraged by his experience and decided to give it a shot myself. I hereby attach my CV for you to review and consider for any suitable {{job title}} opportunities.
  2. I am currently searching for {{industry}} in {{city or area}} and would like to kindly ask you to consider me if any of your numerous clients has such a requirement.
  3. As a prominent employment agency, you must receive hundreds of CVs every day. I am a little more than your usual average candidate, which is evident from my detailed CV. Trying to land {{job title}} job in {{city or area}}.
  4. I was looking for the top employment agencies in {{city or area}}, and your organization name keeps on popping everywhere I go. It is for this reason that I have decided to send you my cv first in case any of your clientis searching for a highly competent {{job title}}.

Body/main text:

This part serves to be the deciding part in a job letter for whether you are getting a job or not. Here are some sample texts:

  1. Acknowledged {{job title}} with performance excellence, an unrelenting result focus, and aggressive implementation for {{Number of years}} years, underscored by an indelible commitment toward ethical business practices and superior service. My expertise, enforced by a strong academic background, has been honed in supplying change that exceeds business targets for productivity. My specific areas of expertise in {{industry}} are: {{list}}
  2. As you can see in my resume, I have extensive [industry] experience. I succeeded in {{some achievement}} and I worked as the {{job title}} for more than {{Number of years}}. I developed some innovative ways of {{handling tasks or responsibilities}} that would be valuable to your company. Some key points you may find relevant to this opportunity include: {{write}}
  3. As a prominent graduate of {{college name}} and cross-functional {{job title}}, I ca successfully assist you quickly and with minimum training on a full-time, part-time, freelance, or short-notice basis. I offer solid organizational and clerical skills gained from employment as {{job title}} for more than eight years. Also, I have successfully [planned/delivered/achieved something]. In addition, my referees will attest to my capacity to stay calm, cool, and collected during 'crisis' situations. Exceptional well-honed issue and interpersonal skills gained through varied settings and setups. A brief highlight of the skills in {{industry}} and values I would bring to your firm include: {{write according to your situation}}
  4. Reputed {{job title}} armed with a commanding track record in {{industry}} within fast-paced and highly competitive landscapes. You will notice one common thread throughout my career: I am a lateral-thinking negotiator and issue solver who knows how to identify requirements and achieve department and company-wise business objectives. With this vibrant approach, I have successfully acquired recognition for consistent first-ranking achievements in {{industry}}.Highlights of my achievements in {{industry}} include the following: {{write}}

Complimentary close:

Do not forget to write acknowledgments to the recipient for getting a chance to apply in a job application as well as compliment them for taking some time out and reading your job application. Here are some samples for your ease:

  1. My motivation is indeed genuine, and I look forward to the possibility of discussing the opportunity with you. I will gladly make myself available for a phone or video conference interview.
  2. I understand that you will receive many applications. I do, however, have faith that my motivation, commitment, and pre-existing skills will allow me to fit into any work environment and immediately start supporting the needs of the organization. I would appreciate the opportunity for an interview. I have attached a copy of my resume for your consideration. I can always be contacted on my mobile phone {{mobile}}.
  3. Please feel free to contact me at my number: {{mobile}}. Thank you for your consideration. My background, professionalism, and interest will make me an effective member of any team.
  4. I am confident that my education and experience to date provide me with skills that would be valuable to any firm. I would enjoy talking to one of the client's in-person to talk about the opportunities that exist and how I can best serve their needs. I look forward to opening a dialogue with you soon.


It's highly recommended to place a personal handwritten signature of yours in the cover letter. You can sign either after printing the document or maybe add a scanned signature in the word document. 

Check out this sample letter to a recruitment agency which is very useful when you need a job. Freely download these sample letters. You can use and edit these documents in Microsoft Word format. If these letters are not according to your situation and needs, then please head on to our website for more letters.

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