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Endangered Animals Report

How do you help the students in their report on endangered animals? For your convenience, download this read-made report template and send it to your students.

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When the number of animals of a species has declined by 70% or more, and the cause of the decline is known, it is classified as endangered. The population of a species is also considered endangered if it has declined by 50% without any indication of the reason.

How do you help the students in their report on endangered animals?

Learning about endangered animals can be done through the following activities:
  1. Animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers are enjoyable places to visit.
  2. Invest some time in reading.
  3. Create a mask.
  4. Create a diorama of a habitat.
  5. Play charades with your friends.
  6. Create a poster.
  7. Make a donation by raising money.
Sentences that can be found in the sample template:

Create a Poster about your endangered animal. Include all of the information from the outline below. Each numbered section of the outline should be written in paragraph form, with complete sentences. (There are 7 numbered sections to the outline, so you should have 7 paragraphs). Remember that it needs to be written in your own words. Make sure to include the additional items listed at the end of the outline. Your poster should not measure larger than 2x3 feet. The poster should be single sided. There will be a sample poster displayed in the classroom if you have any questions.


A. What does your animal look like?

B. What is its size?

C. Name some interesting characteristics about your animal?

D. In which class does your animal belong?

What can we do to save endangered animals?

We are told that protecting the special places where endangered species live is the best way to protect them. Animals need food, shelter, and places to raise their young. The destruction of habitat occurs as a result of logging, oil and gas drilling, overgrazing, and development.

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