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How do you use a Corporate resolution? When looking for a Corporate resolution you can always download and use this one.

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A Corporate Resolution is a document that formally records the important binding decisions into which a company enters. These decisions are made by such stakeholders as the corporation’s managers, directors, officers, or owners. Corporate resolutions are necessary business documents for corporations, whether they be for-profit or nonprofit.

How do you use a Corporate resolution?

When you are writing a corporate resolution, this written document created by the board of directors of a company detailing a binding corporate action. This corporate resolution is a legal document that provides the rules and framework as to how the board can act under various circumstances. Other typical resolutions that a board of directors might create during the course of business would be:

  • To document that a new board member was voted in;
  • To record a board decision;
  • To document a decision by shareholders;
  • To approve hiring a new employee;
  • To approve selling shares (a share offering)Buying or selling the corporation's real estate;
  • Designating corporate officers;
  • Deciding to join another business in a joint venture;
  • Setting up a location in a new state or states;
  • Adopting a new marketing campaign, including Purchasing a new trademark;
  • Taking out a loan.

The exact form of a corporate resolution is determined by your state's business services department, but in general, a corporate resolution must include:

  • The date of the resolution;
  • The state in which the corporation is formed and under whose laws it is acting;
  • Signatures of officers designated to sign corporate resolutions––usually the board chairperson or the corporate secretary;
  • Title the document with its purpose. For example, "Resolution to Accept Bank Depository.";
  • A phrase stating that the resolution has the consent and agreement of the board members. If the resolution passes by unanimous consent, state this. If consent is not unanimous, you will need to include a list of board members and their "yea" or "nay" votes.

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