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Doctors note for work

How do I get a sick note? Check out this doctors note for work if you did not show up at your workplace due to an illness.

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A serious illness can make you uncomfortable and unable to perform your work duties, go to the office. Additionally, your boss won't be happy if you show up and you have a contagious disease that potentially could impact the other colleagues in the office as well. If you don't show up due to illness, your boss has to know why you have not shown up at your workplace.

How do I get a sick note?

If you need a Doctors note for work, to prove to your boss or HR that you are sick, you best contact your General Practitioner about your illness. This document is usually issued by a GP/doctor to a patient. If you are getting a hospital treatment, ask for one from your hospital doctor. Your GP or doctor will assess you, and if they decide your health affects your fitness for work, they can issue a doctor's note and advise if you are "not fit for work".

Such a note is also referred to as a Medical excuse slip. In such a file the reader is informed, like the HR manager, direct boss, employer, supervisor about the cause of the sick leave. In a formal medical leave doctor’ note, the following is included:

  • formal name and characteristics of the patient;
  • information of the illness;
  • days of leave required;
  • the treatment administered;
  • medicines prescribed (optional)

Some advantages of doctor’s note:

  • Proof you are not fit to work;
  • They are instantly available at the doctor;
  • Doctors excuse is used for administration purposes.
Sample Doctors note for work:

Please excuse the patient's name from the work coming Wednesday to Friday, three days. It appears as though a serious case of fever together with a throat infection and is not yet been cured, I am prescribing three days of complete bed rest with plenty of intake of liquid and oil-free food along with the proper dosage of the prescribed medicines.


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