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Frayer model template

How do you use a Frayer model? When looking for a Frayer model template you can always download and use this one.

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The Frayer Model is a graphic organizer used to help students dissect and better understand complex vocabulary terms. The Frayer model asks students to write a definition, important characteristics, examples, and non-examples of a single word.

How do you use a Frayer model?

This instructional strategy promotes critical thinking and helps students to identify and understand unfamiliar vocabulary. The Frayer Model can be used with the entire class, small groups, or for individual work. The Frayer Model draws on a student's prior knowledge to build connections among new concepts and creates a visual reference by which students learn to compare attributes and examples.

The model comprises 4 boxes:

  • Definition: defining the concept, word, or term;
  • Facts: describing its essential characteristics.  When I was creating my examples, I found it difficult to differentiate between Definitions and Facts;
  • However, Facts are sometimes shown as Characteristics, which I think makes the difference clearer;
  • Examples: providing examples of the concept or word;
  • Non-examples: knowing what a concept or word doesn't help to define what it is.  This box is sometimes shown as Common Errors or Misconceptions, which are sometimes more suitable.


  • It can be used as a word wall;
  • Students can keep a copy in their binders to create their own glossary;
  • Students can work in small groups to create models and report back to the whole class.

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