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Written warning template

How to write a warning letter as a manager? When writing a warning letter check out and download this sample warning letter from direct manager now.

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As a direct manager you expect nothing but the best from your employees and when one person isn't giving their full potential, then that needs to be addressed. Maybe they are arriving late, not handing in their work on time or maybe even missing deadlines. A warning letter is a good way to let them know that they're on thin ice and that they need to change their attitude.

How to write a warning letter as a manager?

An easy way, that prevents you to start from scratch, is downloading this Warning letter that allows you to immediately start and finish a strong basic message that you can use to create a perfect personalized version for your own. A warning letter should bring your point across quite firmly. 

I am writing you this letter as a warning to the continuous and unexplained negligence of the tasks and duties assigned to you. Despite the many verbal warnings, you showed little to no progress when it comes to getting things done. You keep on delaying your tasks, missing deadlines, handing over uncompleted deliverables, and coming late to office without prior notice. I try to be as tolerating as possible with my team members when their circumstances change beyond their control, but I simply can’t tolerate deliberate negligence or intentional sluggish behavior.
I want us to work together and get things done, so I am kindly asking you to consider a dramatic shift in your attitude and your perspective to your job. You are required to work on the points mentioned above and start accomplishing the tasks and duties assigned to you with success and without delay. We will be reassessing your situation four weeks from now. Looking forward to great progress.

Every essential piece is covered in this Warning letter from direct manager template. Feel free to download our basic or advanced template designs. They are intuitive and are available in several different formats, such as PDF, WORD, XLS, etc. This warning letter template will let you finish much more quickly than if you started from scratch. That leaves you with more time to focus on what really matters!

Download this warning letter, or any similar written warning templates, before you send your message to the employee for making mistakes and let your employee know that you don't appreciate their behavior. Print out your Warning letter from direct manager template now, in order to make sure you will grab your employees' attention!

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