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Information Technology Internship Job Description

How to write an Information Technology Internship job description? Download this sample job description template now and post your open vacancy in minutes.

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An effective IT Internship description is essential when recruiting new interns, and it helps doing a preselection of the right candidates. This will save you effort and time. By using this sample internship tasks description template, you do not need to start from scratch. This will give you a head start.

How to write an Information Technology Internship job description?

An Information Technology Internship offers practical work experience to assist the IT team with the maintenance of the network, software, hardware, and other systems. They are usually involved in troubleshooting technical issues, responding to user requests, software installation and updates, and maintaining proper IT documentation. This sample Job description explainer offers guidance on key sections that are important to include for clarity, as well as suggestions for promoting the position. It provides a list of duties, responsibilities, tasks, requirements, demands for setting job expectations and the employee's ability to perform the work as described. However, it’s often not construed as an exhaustive list of all functions, responsibilities, skills and abilities. The following is included in job descriptions:

  • Job title: highlight the accurate job title;
  • Brief description: provide a brief summary or introduction that provides an overview of the job;
  • Responsibilities: specify the relevant job duties and responsibilities that are necessary for this position;
  • Company mission or company introduction;
  • Requirements: demands that are important to do the job successfully;
  • Qualifications; List essential qualifications;
  • Compensation; Total funds and benefits that are provided to the employee in exchange for the work.


  • Be clear and concise;
  • Have someone proofread it;
  • Make sure that HR and the hiring manager will sign off before publishing it;
  • Define what success looks like in the position after 30 days, the first quarter, and the first year;
  • Provide direct contact details of the manager or HR department who will follow up on the candidates;
  • Publish it via several social media platforms, or offline media, so you are sure that in-house employees also can get easy access to it.


  • Assist in performing hardware and software installation procedures.
  • Perform software configuration on stand-alone computers and laptops.
  • Provide support in diagnosing hardware and software issues and troubleshooting activities.
  • Lay cables and wires for networks and ensure that they are in good working order.
  • Assist in handling data migration duties.
  • Document all processes in reference manuals for training and guidance.
  • Take user support requests and take measures to fulfill requests.
  • Assist in hardware and software inventory management.
  • Handle periodic maintenance of hardware and software.
  • Troubleshoot equipment such as printers and scanners and other peripherals.
  • Participate in the development of software applications.
  • Handle researching options and research computer bugs and their solutions.
  • Take telephone calls from users and attempt to assist them with their information technology questions and problems.
  • Handle IT-related documentation and make sure that all IT supplies are available.
  • Assist in gathering user requirements and developing appropriate reports for IT professionals.
  • Provide users with ongoing assistance in their information technology problems.
  • Coordinate vendors for the acquisition of equipment and software.
  • Provide support in setting up end-user training activities.
  • Handle infrastructure administration activities such as server and storage capacity handling and directory services management.


  • Student must have awareness of the PC Industry’s current and emerging technology trends and direction, as well as a keen interest in computer-based information systems and technology.
  • Should possess ability and desire to troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software problems.
  • Ability to perform tasks such as providing application software installations and upgrades, virus protection and eradication.
  • Student must have basic computer knowledge.
  • Must be confident in knowledge of Windows and/or Mac/OS and common problems.
  • Must be a self-motivated problem solver, and student should have a desire to learn new technologies.
  • Experience with networking technologies and printer support is preferred.
  • Applicants should have the ability to research and understand technical documentation, and an understanding of how to apply various technical resources.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and efficiently manage time.

By using this Information Technology Internship job description sample, modifying it to your needs, and then posting it, you will soon start receiving Resumes and Cover letter from suitable candidates.

Get this printable file now and personalize it according to your needs. Just download this ready-made Information Technology Internship job description template in Google Docs, MS Word or Apple Pages format and you are ready to go!

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